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1. Sandhill Cranes – latitudinal migration, performed seasonally, typically performed for the duration of the winter months; bounded on either side by the spring and/or autumn. Migratory staging areas are used as a means to allow the cranes to rest and recoup their strength prior to continuing legs of their journey…
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Download file to see previous pages Once in the sea, they typically stay there around 4 years before returning up the rivers they came from to spawn. 3. Wildebeast – nomadic migration, performed by wildebeasts as a function of seeking out new grazing and better sources of drinking water; this typically is a relatively short migratory route. Occurs on a seasonal basis and is dependent upon the quality of grass and the availability of water within the affected regions. Other species such as the impala accompany the wildebeasts in this mass migration pattern. 4. Humback Whales – seasonal migration. Humpback whales spend the winter months in warmer climates while during the summers they hunt for krill and small fish in polar climates. Performed on a seasonal/yearly basis; this typically is a relatively long migratory route. Humpback whales are known not to eat while in the warmer waters closer to the equator during the winter months. 5. Dall Sheep – altitudinal migration. Dall sheep typically spend the winter months in lower elevations where they can dig through the snow to find patches of existing grass. However, once the summer months appear, they climb back up into higher elevations; both for protection and due to the fact that food is also abundantly available there; this typically is a relatively short migratory route. ...
The average arctic tern lives about 20 years and during this time can cover over 1.5 million miles! 7. Golden Eagles-partial migration. The golden eagles ultimately a bird that exhibits a partial migration in the fact that not each and every one of the species leaves it habitat as part of the migration. The migration itself is a medium to long migratory route that has as its purpose breeding in the sub Arctic regions of Alaska and Canada; returning to warmer climates once the summer is at an end. The golden eagle is the emblem of perhaps more countries than any other animal. It is officially the emblem of Albania, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Austria, and Germany. 8. Sea Turtles (pick any one of the 8 species) – reproductive migration. Green sea turtles travel vast distances from their feeding grounds to the beaches that they will ultimately deposit their eggs upon. Currently, green sea turtles, like the other sea turtles, are endangered due to human activity and the overall lack of environmental conditions that they can lay their eggs unadulterated. 9. Locusts – is a type of animal that exhibits an interruptive migration. These migrations are incumbent upon the region that the locust is in and the availability of the food source within this region. The distances traveled are usually not as far as many of the other species that have been discussed. Locust migration has been known to cause vast amounts of damage and ultimately the deaths of tens of thousands of people throughout history as the result of famine caused by the destruction in crops and grassland that they can effect. 10. Great Gray Owls- are indicative of a nomadic migration. The nomadic patterns of the great grey owl are little understood; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Science developing countries. Intechnology,scientific knowledge is put to practical ends. This knowledge comes chiefly from mathematics and the physical sciences, and it is used in designing machinery, materials, and industrial processes. In general, this work is known as engineering, a word dating back to the early days of the Industrial Revolution, when an 'engine' was any kind of machine. Inrecentyears,acompletely new field of technology has developed from advances in the life sciences. Known as biotechnology, it involves such varied activities as genetic engineering, the manipulation of genetic material of cells or organisms, and cloning, the formation of genetically uniform cells, plants, or animals....
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... appears irreversible. There is no alternative to alternative fuels. Reference Alternative Energy Institute (AEI) 2010 “Alternative Energy”. Accessed April 20, 2010 from Anwar, H 2010 “Are Saudi Reserves Drying Up?” Accessed 21 April 2010 <> 2009 Copenhagen climate change conference 2009. Accessed 20 April 2010, "International Energy Annual 2006". Accessed April 20, 2010 from Reid, Stephen J (2000) Ozone and Climate Change: A Beginner’s Guide, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Review of the Administration’s... Sources of Energy: A Viable Solution to the Problem of Climate Change Introduction There is ...
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...SODIUM A. What is Sodium? In order to understand what sodium is all about, it is important to discuss its physical properties, chemical properties and other related information. Discovery Humphry Davy discovered sodium in 1807 after his discovery of potassium (Senese, par. 2). The electrolysis of caustic soda (NaOH) paved way to the discovery of sodium (Gagnon, par. 3). The discovery of sodium was not alone as an element but as a compound joining with other essential elements. It was through chemical means that sodium was successfully separated from combining other essential elements. Physical Properties Sodium is one of the most commonly known elements found in the periodic table. Found in Encyclopedia Britannica (sodium, par...
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...of a falling parachute are the forces that keep the capacity of reducing and increasing the speed as well as weight of the falling parachutes. References Goldsworthy A, Feasey R (1997), Making Sense of Primary Science Investigations, ASE Publishers. Singh, Manmeet (2009), How does a parachute work?, Retrieved on 9th October 2010 from Walsh, Weston (1985), Parachutes and Terminal Velocity, Retrieved on 9th October 2010 from White, Lynn (1968), "The Invention of the Parachute", Technology and Culture 9 (3): 462–467. Corporation, Marshall Cavendish (2003), How It Works: Science and Technology, Vol....
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...System science Introduction Evidently, power, in other words, electri plays an important role in our lives. On the same note, power can be said to be one of the basic necessities of a human being in this day and age. Apparently, almost everything we use in our day to day life has to have direct or indirect dependence to the power thus it is essential to ensure a steady supply of this important commodity. It is worth noting that this paper strives to give an insight into some alternative ,methods of generation of power as opposed to the one generated by water means. In simple terms, this particular paper delves into the production of power using two methods to be precise, namely, by wind and by solar energy. First and...
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...capacity of geothermal energy followed by Philippines at 1970 MW. Geological conditions, economy and technology are the main drivers in harnessing geothermal energy (Gupta and Roy). Solar Energy Among many alternative sources of energy available, solar is one of the most potential sources of energy. Most part of the Earth receives huge amount of solar radiation that can be harnessed through various techniques. Science and technology has made great strides in harnessing solar energy in recent years. A few years back, cost was the biggest impediment in exploiting this renewable source of energy; however, there has been significant improvement in technologies that has reduced the cost of generation and installation...
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... Critical Paper The article, “Prevalence of methicillin-resistant staphylococci species isolated from computer keyboards located in secondary and postsecondary schools” authored by Boa, Rahube, Fremaux, Levett and Yost is a research paper from the Journal of Environmental health. This article investigated the prevalence of methicillin resistant staphylococci bacteria on keyboards. Researchers sampled computer terminals were sampled for the presence of staphylococcus aureus and methicillin resistant staphylococci and found an overall prevalence of 0.68% for post secondary institution and 2% for secondary institutes (Boa et al, 52-55). The results also show that there is a mix community of methicillin resistant staphylococci... Critical Paper...
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...Science Violence There are some underling relationships of the existing variation in the belief in conspiracies investigated in a sample of Americans who have reached the required voting age including violent overtones of conspiracies. After literature review, it is evident that violent could be the negative consequence of conspiracies. This may be due to a variety of conspiracy theories which are heightened by confirmation bias and also motivated reasoning. This leads to the demonization of certain out group leading to violence being considered as necessary. Oliver and wood medical There have been numerous theories of conspiracy in the past surrounding public health matters. The research conducted revealed that medical...
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...Science versus Pseudo- science by The of the The of the School The and where it is located The Date Science versus Pseudo- science It may be particularly important to compare and contrast a science and a pseudo-science. A suitable example of the former is astronomy: it operates with a data which can obtained by different probes and can be collected by people without any special equipment which can may everyone a researcher; people in different countries were able to come to same conclusions regarding astronomical phenomena; finally, it brings useful consequences for the world as with the help of it satellites are developed. Contrary to...
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