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Exemption of military from environmental conservation - Research Paper Example

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Environmental degradation would lead to occurrence of diseases like cancer and widespread environmental hazards for example droughts, floods etc. Due to the various benefits of environment, the federal government tries to ensure that the environment is properly conserved for the future generations. …
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Exemption of military from environmental conservation
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Download file to see previous pages This is done by proper legislation through acts of parliament, formation of organizations that ensure protection of endangered species and supporting world organizations whose mandate is to protect the environment. In the process of environmental conservation, an important question about the military involvement is environmental conservation normally surface. Scholars like Benedict Cohen and Jamie Clark have been able to argue out ideas on the military involvement in environmental conservation. Indeed, the issue of environmental conservation should be taken with the seriousness it deserves hence no person or personality should be exempted in the efforts of environmental conservation.
Background information
Environment is the conditions or the surroundings through which a human being, plant or animal operates. It involves the air, the waters, the soil, forests, etc. The environment is beneficial because it is a habitat to living things, source of food for animals, source of medicine and provides beautiful scenery during man’s relaxation. Over the past century, the military activities have been strongly linked to being insensitive to the conservation of the environment. Research through books, journals, newspaper articles and other forms of media has shown that the environmental pollution and degradation is due to the some of the military activities. The military may affect the environment unwillingly such as during combat or even during the training and testing sessions. In the training sessions and even live combat, the military use weapons, which release harmful chemicals to the environment (Bowden, 2004). These chemicals pollute the environment hence leads to death of biodiversity. In addition, the contaminated air may lead to increase in temperatures hence tropical diseases like malaria become widespread. Moreover, it has been proven that the radiation caused due to nuclear weaponry causes faster multiplication of body cells hence development of cancer. Thus the effect caused by military activities are more severe that leave the question should the military be exempt from environmental conservation. Method To address the issue, I will conduct a review of related research from the books, journals, newspaper articles and other forms of media. The review will give information on various scholarly materials that have researched on the issue. The findings will be summarized to give the results that on whether military should be exempt from environmental regulations. Literature review Land degradation is the deterioration of top soil in which the value of the biophysical environment is affected by one or more combinations of human-induced methods. The explosives used during testing or live combats affect the nature of the land by creating large dents in the ground (Schwartz, 2006). These dents accumulate water hence the land becomes unsuitable for agriculture. In addition, the heat generated by the explosives kills the microorganisms, which are responsible for the fertility and aeration of the soil. These lands are left bear hence no agricultural activities can take place. According to Schwarts (2006), military activities during either war or practice may result into leaving some dangerous substances in the environment. These substances may include radiations, unexploded ammunitions, burning oil wells etc. These environments are risky for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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