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Green Hotels can be defined as properties that are environmentally friendly and whose managers seek to integrate programs that are aimed at saving energy, water, and reduction of solid waste while saving on costs, in order to help in the conservation of the environment (Albright, 2008: p106). …
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Green hotels
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Green Hotels GREEN HOTELS Why Choose Green Hotels Green Hotels can be defined as properties that are environmentally friendly and whose managers seek to integrate programs that are aimed at saving energy, water, and reduction of solid waste while saving on costs, in order to help in the conservation of the environment (Albright, 2008: p106). Green hotels act in directly affect the business’ bottom line, increasing the property’s long-term value, attraction and retention of customers, as well as retention of the hotel staff in the long term as they see the management as taking care of their wellbeing and health. Going green will contribute significantly to the hotel’s bottom line in several ways. When the hotel uses energy saving measures, for instance systems of energy management, motion sensors for meeting rooms and public rest rooms, lights out cards, ceiling fans, and fluorescent bulbs, the hotel is capable of reducing its energy bills. When equipment and techniques to save on water are introduced, such as; linen cards, toilet tank fill diverters, waterless urinals, low-flow toilets, 1.6 gpm dish-washing machine valves, request-only water service in restaurants, 1.5 gpm aerators, and low-flow showers, there is a significant reduction in water bills (Albright, 2008: p107). Reduction of water usage can also be achieved by using less water in kitchens for such activities as defrosting. Hauling of waste is a massive expense for most hotels, and this can be drastically lowered by recycling and not using products that are wastefully packaged (Brebbia, 2010: p629). The hotel management can request the vendors to use minimal wrapping when delivering their products, or even ask them to deliver their products and then come back to pick the packaging the next day. A recycling program by green hotels could hire staff in order to separate the packaging material, which could bring in increased revenue by recycling the packaging material out of the waste stream, for instance spoons, towels, and napkins, all of which had been disposed before they were recycled. It is possible to reduce waste hauling costs by up to 80% by going green (Brebbia, 2010: p629). Chicago Hyatt, a green hotel in Chicago saw its staff pull out approximately $6000 worth of hotel of property from waste in one month. When hotels go green, this means that its management, staff, and clients will become healthier. When they are able to remove poisonous chemicals, toxic residues and droplets, soot, fumes, and odors from the food and air, then these stakeholders are not breathing or absorbing them (Conrady et al, 2011: p81). If the hotel property is eventually sold, sooner or later, all green hotel properties will demand increased prices, especially due its much enhanced value resulting from owner care, its healthier aspects, and its lower utility bills. Hotels cannot become green enterprises without the innovative and intelligent vendors who are the main providers of services and products. Therefore, going green also means lending support to green vendors, cheering them on, buying their services and products, and listening to their marketing and sales staff (Conrady et al, 2011: p82). Introduction of Green Hotels into the Market Hotel clients, especially those in the higher education and higher income bracket, show continued concern and cognition concerning the impact that their own actions on the environment, as well as the behavior of the enterprises that they patronize and what they portend to the environment (Enz, 2010: p135). This gives hotels a chance to engage in the green industry and to utilize these aspects. Green hotels can utilize the green aspects of their enterprises to attract and retain valuable customers. It also works to spur those enterprises that are not operating, or have suspended operating, as green hotels, because of initiatives aimed at reducing costs. The first step for these hotels is to introduce themselves to the green industry. Studies have shown that this is an appropriate way and that hotel clients are rewarding of environmentally responsible behavior. For restaurants and hotels that are already green, the issue revolves around how to market the green aspect of their operation effectively or even how to launch their marketing campaigns afresh with emphasis on their green record (Enz, 2010: p137). In order to position a hotel as being conscious of the environment, the marketer is required to identify, as well as publicize, the business operation’s individual aspects (Pride & Ferrel, 2012: p189). Making announcements that one’s hotel is green is not adequate. Consumers receive details concerning the supply chain, green solutions that affect them as clients, specific practices, and solutions that mitigate the effects that they, as patrons, have on the environment. In cases where going green can be inconvenient on the clients, such as efforts to conserve water by reducing linens, hotels should focus on local sourcing and the supply chain as an effective way of communicating its environmental priorities to the potential client market (Pride & Ferrel, 2012: p191). For green hotel marketers, it is recommended to join green groups and adhere to the guidelines that industry groups set that entail environmentally friendly best practices (Moreo, 2008: p56). This should act as a perfect way to align one’s hotel with other enterprises of like-minds and leverage the reach, which trade groups have in marketing sans making a sizable investment in campaigns internally. It is also vital to keep in mind that the staff at the hotels is the best green ambassadors. If the hotel is able to make staff buy into their initiatives, this can convince clients that the establishment is committed to environmental sustainability (Moreo, 2008: p57). References Albright, Evan., 2008. The book on going green : have a better life through smarter living. Malibu : KingsHill Pub. Brebbia, Carlos., 2010. The sustainable world. WIT: Southampton. Conrady, Roland., Buck, Martin., Viehl, Pia. & Tittel, Katrin., 2011. Trends and issues in global tourism 2011. Heidelberg : Springer. Enz, Cathy., 2010. The Cornell School of Hotel Administration handbook of applied hospitality strategy. Los Angeles : SAGE. Moreo, Andrew., 2008. Green Consumption in the hotel industry : a an examination of consumer attitudes. Newark: University of Delaware. Pride, William. & Ferrell, C., 2012. Marketing. Mason: South-Western Cengage Learning. Read More
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