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International Hotel Development: An Analysis of the Internal and External Environment of the Marriott Hotel, London Name Grade Course Date The hospitality industry refers to ‘a contemporaneous human exchange, which is voluntarily entered into and designed to enhance the mutual well being of the parties concerned through the provision of accommodation, and/or food, and/or drink’ (Lashley and Morrison, 2000)…
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International Hotel DEvelopment
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Download file to see previous pages Hotels are one of the most profitable enterprises of this industry, particularly luxury hotels. Unlike upscale and upper upscale hotels, although luxury hotels offer many of the same features and give relatively the same living experience, it is their exclusive nature that sets them apart from other such hotels (Barsky, 2001). With only a few hotels per country classified in the highest tier of luxury hotels, they make the base of the hospitality industry’s strength. The Marriott Hotel in London is one such hotel. To understand what terms are these hotels classified into, the very specific categories that the hospitality industry puts them in it is important that one thoroughly analyzes and understands the hotels that make up each level and standard. This means to gauge the full effect and scope of a particular hotel, in this case the Marriott Hotel in London. This can be done best through either the SWOT analysis, defined by Albert Humphrey, which focuses on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an environment or the PESTLE analysis, which means analyzing the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors of a hotel. All will be used in reference to the internal or external environment of the hotel, respectively. Hotels are generally judged and analyzed based on two factors – that is, their internal and external environment (Jones and Lockwood, 2004). The internal environment of a hotel refers to all factors and features that remain exclusively confined to that establishment itself. For example, all factors such as the business revenue of the hotel, the physical features of the hotel, the staff and other positions of the hotel, all contribute towards the internal environment of the hotel. As an extension of this, it can be said that any factors contributing towards and influencing the internal environment and state of a hotel can also be considered part of the environment itself (Huo, 1995). The factors that decide what an internal environment is based upon are factors such as what a company wishes to provide its customers with, and how its strengths can cater to those requirements. Other factors can be the means with which to provide their services and the services it wishes to furnish those requirements. In summary, the strengths, aims, resources and requirements of an industry all contribute towards constructing its internal environment and the manifestation of these components is what provides the physical representation of this internal environment (Raghubalan and Balan, 2007). On the other hand, the external environment of a hotel refers to all factors and influences that come from outside the enterprise itself. This means, all factors other than the business’s own desires, aims, means etc are considered external environmental factors. The external environment factor can influence the internal environment of a hotel or enterprise, but it is not only confined to such an enterprise. It can have effects of its own independence, other than in relation to being an influencing factor. Government policies, economic conditions, technological advances are all factors that comprise the external environment, but the biggest most important factor of the external envi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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