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Analytical Paper about the article Why there is no 'southern problem'. On environmental leaders and laggards in the European Un - Essay Example

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Analytical Paper about the Article "Why There Is No 'Southern Problem'. On Environmental Leaders and Laggards in the European Union" Table of Contents Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 3 A Brief Analysis of the Argument 4 Use of Evidence to Support the Argument 5 Conclusion 8 Work Cited 9 Introduction Non-adherence with European Union (EU) based environmental laws has been often considered to be a ‘southern problem’…
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Analytical Paper about the article Why there is no southern problem. On environmental leaders and laggards in the European Un
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Extract of sample "Analytical Paper about the article Why there is no 'southern problem'. On environmental leaders and laggards in the European Un"

Download file to see previous pages On Environmental Leaders and Laggards in the European Union”). Thesis Statement This discussion intends to identify the argument which is made by the author relating to the article that is principally based upon the non-compliance with the EU based environmental laws. Moreover, the evidences which are used by the author in supporting the argument will be discussed. Various significant aspects which comprise the judgment about the evidence, whether, it is strong or weak and the grounds of agreeing or not agreeing with the argument will also be portrayed in the discussion. A Brief Analysis of the Argument In relation to the article, it has been viewed that the author made several arguments focusing upon the reality that non-adherence with the environmental laws belonging to EU is considered to be a ‘southern problem’. ...
Moreover, the author also argued that the problem took place due to shortage in the administrative capacities for effectually implementing EU based environmental policies. It has been viewed in the article that the southern member provinces of EU did not possess adequate technical know-how, potential working staffs and well-structured infrastructures for applying as well as enforcing EU environmental based legislative policies. The author suggested that the southern member provinces belonging to EU should implement environmental policies competently for the purpose of developing their financial progression, increasing economic interests and most significantly generating employment. The effective execution of the EU environmental schemes or policies would ultimately promote the economic advancement of the different southern member provinces belonging to EU as well as enhance their environmental quality level by a greater extent. The author identified a significant reason which eventually restricted the southern member provinces of EU to implement EU environmental based policies effectively. The significant reason was that the southern member provinces belonging to EU possessed the political systems which were conventionally dominated by clientelism, disrespect and patronage for the public authority. On the basis of the article, the author argued that there lays significant disparities in meeting with the EU environmental laws throughout the different European member provinces which cannot be escorted by a simple north-south separation. The other argument which is made by the author in the article is that the relative study of the execution of the different environmental policies belonging to EU ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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