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The author in this study "Strategic Analysis of a Network Rail" has selected Network Rail as the sample organization in order to understand how the company has performed different strategic initiatives in the past five years for the purpose of addressing pertinent strategic issues…
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Strategic Analysis of a Network Rail
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Download file to see previous pages Here, the researcher will conduct a PESTLE analysis in order to understand how external factors are shaping Network Rail’s strategic initiatives. Based upon pertinent internal and external pressures on Network Rail, the paper has selected corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a key strategic issue to be discussed. In the main discussion, the paper will review strategic initiatives being taken by Network Rail in order to address corporate social responsibility issue. In context to corporate social responsibility, the paper will analyze issues regarding the nature of the emerging stakeholder, tensions and challenges within Network Rail and pertinent industry. Strategies of Network Rail to address corporate social responsibility issue will be addressed from leadership or change perspective will be analyzed to understand the effectiveness of the strategy of Network Rail. Before going into the main discussion, the essay will shed light on the business matrix of Network Rail in order to create a background for further discussion.
Network Rail Ltd uses the trade name of Network Rail and the company has multiple subsidiary companies. The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and was established in the year 2002 (Network Rail, 2014). Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd works as a subsidiary of Network Rail and the subsidiary operates and owns rail infrastructure across different cities in the UK. However, Network Rail does not operate underground railway track or railway infrastructure in Northern Ireland (Network Rail, 2014). From a structural perspective, Network Rail Ltd works as a statutory corporation, which can be classified as "not for dividend" private company (Network Rail, 2014). As a result, Network Rail Ltd neither has shareholders nor is it controlled by any particular owner. The company is vulnerable to government ownership as well as intervention, due to the absence of legal owners. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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