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The Scottish Road Network Authority: Knowledge Sharing - Assignment Example

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This report “The Scottish Road Network Authority: Knowledge Sharing” examines a fictionalized case study on Scottish Road Network Authority (SRNA). The report lays out a knowledge-sharing problem in SRNA in the context of change management proposition. Two strategies are proposed by way of recommendation…
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The Scottish Road Network Authority: Knowledge Sharing
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Download file to see previous pages Indeed, one basic hurdle to SRNA’s senior management’s decision to shift a long-standing and all-public service strategy of construction and maintenance to one focused on procurement and contracting out is SRNA’s organizational culture. The proposed changes will inevitably lead to redundancies and an explosion in services outsourced. Expectedly, upper management’s suggestions are met with great resistance as is shown in the provided case. The case for change is, in fact, hard to ‘sell’ among staff given SRNA’s senior management’s practices evidenced in poor knowledge management strategies. This report argues that, in order for SRNA to diffuse and manage change effectively among staff, network-based, knowledge-sharing strategies should be put in place.
Since devolution, Scotland has barely shifted away from a ‘public sector mentality’ (Lyall, n.d.). Resistance to propositions by upper management comes, therefore, as no surprise. Placed in a wider context, outsourcing public services – road building services included – is, in fact, a continuation of a set of policies enacted across all U.K. (Lyall). Indeed, just as outsourcing services has generated much opposition since introduction back in the 1980s (Dodworth, M. & Constable, M., 2006), SRNA’s staff’s opposition to suggested changes is only symptomatic of such shift’s main arguments: employee
As a matter of fact, all three issues are not only a U.K. concern but are spread about as many countries as can be wherever and whenever a case is made for outsourcing (Hemson). Indeed, one can hardly find a similar issue in which almost the same concerns are voiced.
In SRNA’s case, Henry Irving’s, Director General’s (DG’s), practice of surrounding himself with a narrow circle of senior executives adds a particular emphasis on SRNA’s case for knowledge management in a wider context of an imminent change.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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