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Biotechnology Final Assignment - Case Study Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Biotechnology Biotechnology is the formulation of energy with the use of living organisms. This implies that the modification of living organisms is used to improve conditions for other living organisms. This is through the environment and health…
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Biotechnology Final Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages It has offered people a better way to benefit from other organisms while being environmentally friendly. The modification of genes has enabled there to be different breeds of certain animals. This has led to the creation of a different breed altogether with certain characteristics (Sutton 29). This paper will review the way biotechnology has been crucial in the evolution of the environment through time. How the topic relates to the class Biotechnology has led to the improvement of the preservation of the environment. Throughout history, it was vital that people protect and preserve the environment. The problem with this came with the little knowledge they had to dispose of certain waste products (Sutton 35). These waste products may have come from anywhere take for instance the animals, and people. The waste would often be left unattended, and this led to the degradation of the environment. However, people found out alternative methods of ridding the environment of this waste by converting it into something useful. Animal waste found use in farms as a way of offering fertility to the soil. This is since the decomposition that occurred provided the necessary elements for the growth of healthy plants, and crops. Biotechnology has improved the manner in which people relate to the environment. In prehistoric times, it was easy to see how biotechnology was used to carry out day to day activities (Sutton 39). An example would be the fermentation of fruit drinks to make wine. Personal thoughts on the topic It is vital to note the significance biotechnology has brought forth. Many fields in the world are coming up as a result of biotechnology. There have been many things that have become possible due to biotechnology. This is with improvement in technology over time. However, it is clear that biotechnology is not something that is accepted globally. Some believe that it has led to the creation of things that go against God’s design. The manipulation of DNA in different animals has been condemned by many (Sutton 45). The use of herbicides over long periods has received criticism from different quarters. This criticism is becoming more of a hindrance to the use of biotechnology to clean up contaminated environments (Sutton 48). Marine life depends on biotechnology to take care of the growing number of accidents in the sea. Oil spills require techniques that are incorporated by biotechnology to clean up. The ceasing of such techniques would mean that these fields would be rendered useless over a certain period. Biotechnology has found ways to get rid of waste from the environment while having little negative impact on the said environment. The biological processes that biotechnology offers are seen to play a key role in the promotion of a sustainable environment (Sutton 59). Some of the things that it does to benefit the environment are immense. They seem to outweigh the things that it has done that seem to impact the environment negatively. Reason for choosing the topic One of the reasons for choosing this topic is to bring to the attention of many people the benefits brought on by biotechnology. Biotechnology should be embraced for the betterment of the whole global village. This is since the benefits can be seen and felt around the world (Sutton 69). The advancement has contributed to the production of medicine that has eradicated many diseases that would, otherwise, still exist. Not only has biotechnology improved the lives of many, it has prevented the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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