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Annotated Bibliograpy. Environmental Change and Challenge - Essay Example

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According to Dearden and Mitchell (47), embracing environmental change is the only way to avert the depletion of natural resources. With environmental effects on the rise due to pollution and increased populations, governments should take center stage in saving the remaining parts of the existing healthy natural environments. …
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Annotated Bibliograpy. Environmental Change and Challenge
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Download file to see previous pages It is also important for the world to embrace the need for scientific concepts in the study and understanding of the global environment (Dearden and Mitchell 89). They further say that the environmental change in the West has played a significant role in the state of the region in the modern day. In Ammons poem he advocated for proper dumping of wastes. The need of proper dumping programs is the key to a pollution free environment. The increasing sizes of dumping sites are alarming to the environment. Each and every day the society faces cases of environmental degradation through inappropriate dumping and emissions of waste (Ammons, par 6).
Cultural Trash: Waste In The West
A.R. Ammons. Corsons Inlet; The City Limits; Garbage
Dearden, Philip. & Bruce, Mitchell. Environmental Change and Challenge. Toronto:
Oxford University Press, 2005. Print
Garbage has been one of the emerging problems in all countries including the United States. In referring to garbage, many environmentalists refer to dumping as an environmental hazard. Apart from dumping the society faces affects of industrial wastes. Generally, it can be referred as pollution through emission of waste. With the increasing population it is obvious to conclude with the assumption that the waste levels in the United States are significantly increasing. This begs the question; where does all this waste go to? Are they properly disposed? What does the government contribute to see appropriate disposal programs? As much as there is improvement in disposing regulations, they are not enough to ensure the people that the environment has become waste free. In years dumping sites have been the most contested issues for the activists, industries and the government locking horns on the location of dumping sites. Activists always believe that every location across the state is not an option for a location of a dumping site. Activists advocate for a dumping site free environment. According to Dearden and Bruce, the government has the financial resources to recycle all the waste produced by the population (45). Apart from recycling, activists also advocate for the government intervention in the evaluating materials used in manufacturing products. With proper evaluation, there is the possibility that non biodegradable items will not find their way into the society. In an argument by Ammons, an appropriate measure to stop dumping is to tackle the problem right from the production face (par, 9). Environmental friendly packaging should be advocated for. Packaging materials form almost 90% of the total waste dumping. Population dumping is usually small scale if compared to industrial waste emission. Different from population dumping, industrial dumping constitutes of more hazardous chemicals and metal bits. If industrial dumping is properly dealt with, the pollution status of the whole environment could be decreased by 70% (Dearden and Bruce, pp. 87). In the modern society, industrial evaluation and certification process covers the safety of emissions to the environment. In recent years, most industries have opted to join the go green campaign by using environmental friendly products and minimizing emissions. This trend is improving but in a slow motion. The government has fiercely joined in the fight for the controlling of industrial emissions. However, some mega companies and industries still have the green light to process goods with very great effect to the environmen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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