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Neighborhood Planning - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper "Neighborhood Planning" discusses the Official Community Plan by the City of Kelowna shows indicators for community development goals set. The plan shows intended efforts by Kelowna as a community to observe the efficiency of the plan while in action…
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Neighborhood Planning
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Extract of sample "Neighborhood Planning"

Download file to see previous pages iii. The City of Surrey has an OCP defined by goals and policies, which lead to the city’s planning operations. Surrey’s OCP offers direction for Surrey’s physical organization, management of land, transportation priorities, community growth, use of farmland, and ecological awareness.3
iv. Fraser Basic Council developed an OCP for taking action against climate change and raising awareness about the phenomenon. Local authorities approved the development of the OCP as a form of bylaw under which activities assumed by Fraser Basic Council would be consistent with the OCP.4
v. The Ministry of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development under the Government of British Columbia undertook an OCP in 2014 that its cities and regional constituencies developed.5 This OCP is a long-term reflection of the community that determines locations, sums, types, and concentration of suburban developments required by the Local Government Act section 875.
vi. The City of North Vancouver first undertook an OCP in 1980, revised it in 1992, and continued it to date. The OCP aims to balance the social, ecological, and economic requirements of the community of North Vancouver.6
Gansmo, Helen Jøsok. "Municipal planning of a sustainable neighborhood: action research and stakeholder dialogue." Building Research & Information 40, no. 4 (July 2012): 493-503. Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed January 23, 2015).
Researcher Gansmo attempts to find the most appropriate way to foster the change to greener neighborhoods. Determining whether planners can start an improved dialogue to facilitate stakeholder participation in planning, construction, and residing in greener neighborhoods.7 The article describes and implements methodical procedures that find the core contributors to greener neighborhoods and implementing the dialogue approaches in the early stages of planning for the project.
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