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Policy & Governance In Sustainability: Environmental Injustice in Superfund Sites - Essay Example

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Policy and Governance in Sustainability: Environmental Injustice in Superfund Sites Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Policy and Governance in Sustainability: Environmental Injustice in Superfund Sites Introduction The increase of industrial activities has led to the exacerbation of environmental problems…
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Policy & Governance In Sustainability: Environmental Injustice in Superfund Sites
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Download file to see previous pages In this respect, both the communities that reside in the affected area and those that do not get affected with the respective negative effects. This has prompted the relevant authorities to assume a collective responsibility towards ensuring that environmental problems are addressed accordingly. Some of the measures that have been undertaken in this regard include environmental cleanup initiatives, community capacity building and empowerment and environmental monitoring amongst others. Perhaps the most effective of these has been the super fund initiative. Basically, this seeks to clean up the areas that have been adversely affected by the negative effects of environmental pollution. Besides having been considered one of the most effective approaches in the twentieth century, it is compounded by a host of complexities. The most critical and sensitive of all of these pertains to the perceived environmental injustice that the approach promotes. In this regard, O’Neil (2005) cites that the approach has greatly benefited the White settlements as opposed to the populations of color. Statistical evidence shows that compared to their White counterparts, Blacks and other persons of color have the tendency to inhabit regions that are most affected by the problem of environmental pollution by hazardous wastes. ...
Regardless of the fact that their vulnerability is high, current efforts with respect to superfund initiatives have done very little to address the scenario. At this point, it is worth appreciating that environmental wellbeing greatly influences societal functioning. In particular, it determines the social as well as economic performance of a particular society. Thus it needs to be addressed effectively in order to enhance and sustain an upward growth. To a great extent, Bowen (2001) believes that environmental sustainability is used as a benchmark in measuring social equity. This is due to the realization that it greatly influences the holistic wellbeing of the society. Relative to this is the high cost that characterizes the superfund site cleanup initiatives. Arguably, the resources that are employed in cleaning the sites are immense. The fact that they are drawn from the public treasury requires that they should benefit all factions of the society. This would go a long way in enhancing social equity and promoting sustainable development. Under-representation of the minority populations in these important initiatives has had adverse impacts on the welfare of the affected populations as well as that of the entire society. In particular, it has led to increased poverty levels, further widening the social disparity between them and their White counterparts. This has been contributed to by their employment of significant resources in addressing the relative health problems. In his research, Downey (2005) found out that these populations suffer from terminal diseases that are associated with environmental pollution. Examples in this respect include cancer, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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