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Select an ancient (Coliseum water supply), pioneer historical (canals, Carolina rice, London Docks) or exotic (e.g. Sahara Deser - Assignment Example

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Harris Kamran Environmental Studies Descriptive Paper 10 April 2012 Coliseum Water Supply This paper purports to describe and analyze the water supply system to an ancient structure, the Roman Coliseum. The Coliseum was a massive open air theater in the center of Rome, also called an amphitheater, that had the seating capacity for around fifty thousand spectators (Pastirikova)…
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Select an ancient (Coliseum water supply), pioneer historical (canals, Carolina rice, London Docks) or exotic (e.g. Sahara Deser
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Download file to see previous pages Those reasons will be clear if we analyze the function of the Coliseum. It was an arena for spectators to watch the death of animals, slaves, gladiators, Christians, and other factions of the society that the Romans wanted to exterminate or punish (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). These death games were literally games, with very gruesome acts and bloody ends (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). Water was, therefore, needed to wash away the remains of the animals and humans, and their blood and body parts (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). This drainage became part of the sewer system of the Coliseum, which ultimately ended in the River Tiber (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). It is further discussed with the toilet system of the Coliseum. The Coliseum water supply also catered to the requirements of the toilets, which consisted of two large toilets with rows of open seating holes having a tunnel beneath them through which passed a stream of flowing water (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). There were four underground tunnels for collecting the drained water, including that from the arena, and connected to these tunnels were four wells 1.3 by 3.8 meters in the foundation of the building (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). ...
The main water supply to the Coliseum, and indeed to Rome in general, was through the River Tiber (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). Other smaller streams, some seasonal in nature, were also utilized. The system through which water was conducted to the city and to Coliseum comprised of aqueducts, which were impressive concrete water channels supported by pillars and arches (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). Coliseum was supplied by the Aqua Claudia, commissioned by Emperor Claudius, the first aqueduct to be built, running eleven miles, in the year 312 B. C. (Ancient Roman Aqueducts). The source was the river. The channels were concrete in nature, supplemented by viaducts which were multi-tiered structures to help the water cross low areas (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). The aqueducts led to large covered basins which served as modern-day sedimentation tanks to collect the silt and dirt of the River water before it was supplied to the public (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). Once cleaned, channels led from these catch basins to storage reservoirs in the city, either in the form of open free-flowing canals, or through led and terra-cotta pipes (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). From the reservoirs, water was supplied to the building through led pipes (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). These pipes were embedded in the walls and floor of the structure of Coliseum during its structure (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). It is estimated that five hundred thousand barrels of water flowed through these channels in twenty-four hours (Ancient Roman Aqueducts). Another method of water provision was through the collection of rain water (Colosseum Water and Sewer System). This was collected by concentric ducts and led through vertical pipes down the walls of Coliseum ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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