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The Domestication of Animals and its Impact on World Civilizations Over Time - Essay Example

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From the era of foraging to the 1450s, humans created ideas that helped shape the world today as shown through the study of complex civilizations. Certain innovations helped establish trade and shape the economy, while others affected culture and policy. …
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The Domestication of Animals and its Impact on World Civilizations Over Time
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Download file to see previous pages Both Eastern and Western hemispheres experienced huge progress in uniquely different ways. One innovation that largely affected the development of societies and contributed to their progress was the domestication of animals. The domestication of animals positively impacted civilizations around the world by advancing agricultural and economic development, improving trade and international relations, and expanding cultural expression.
The advancement of agriculture and economic aspects occurred in many different civilizations including the Chinese, Egyptian, and even Neolithic societies as a result of the domestication of animals. During the time span of the Xia dynasty to the Han Dynasty, the Chinese domesticated animals such as chickens, ducks, pigs, and dogs (Gascoigne). These ducks, pigs, and dogs were used as their fresh food source. Chickens also served as a food producer of eggs, a food commonly consumed in the Chinese diet. In addition to supplying a fresh source of food, domesticated animals in China were also used to help produce crops. The Chinese utilized oxen to pull plows, which helped humans more efficiently plow their land and positively affected the agricultural growth as a result of the increased production of crops. Therefore, the domestication of animals shaped both the Chinese diet and improved its economy through the increase of agricultural efficiency. In Egypt, cattle and pigs were raised to supply major food products as well. Later on during the New Kingdom, Egyptians started to domesticate chickens, which served the same purpose for the Egyptians as it did for the Chinese. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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