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Discuss the role agriculture plays in modern society with its implications on the environment - Essay Example

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Introduction Agriculture since the beginning of time is an integral part of people’s subsistence pattern. Farming became the real source of food by then which also turned out to be a way to bolster the economy as it was also connected with various economic activities in the world…
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Discuss the role agriculture plays in modern society with its implications on the environment
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Extract of sample "Discuss the role agriculture plays in modern society with its implications on the environment"

Download file to see previous pages However, agriculture is said to be one of the biggest contributing factors in the climate change, so here is the dilemma; we need to double our food production in order to feed billions of people and even the spiraling population growth of the world in the future. Regarding this, here's the very basic point of Dr. Jonathan Foley, director of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, "How do we feed the world without destroying it?” (TEDxTalks 1; University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment 1). This is a great area of concern considering that agriculture is absolutely linked with environmental issues, but on the other end, people need it as absolute necessity in order to survive. Agriculture in modern society According to Dr. Foley, “Feeding nine billion people in a truly sustainable way will be one of the greatest challenges our civilization has ever faced” (Gillis 1). This emphasizes the fact that the world’s population growth is inevitable and the ultimate concern today is on how to feed billions of people in the future with great consideration of sustainability. Dr. Foley accepted the fact that it is only through agriculture people will be fed, but in line with sustainable way doing it, the answer remains to be created in great detail knowing the fact that there are various concerns that need to be taken into account. As the society becomes modern, people around the world also think differently and become health conscious at some point. Thus, complex diets are rising to the extent that people are looking forward to more healthy diets. This means enhancing modern agriculture is a must in order to meet the prevailing needs and demands of the society. After all, healthy diets are remarkably in line with agriculture as far as food production is concerned. Society at the top end are rich enough with food supplies due to their ability to produce them and avail their distribution, but the impoverish groups continue to experience malnutrition and even starve to death (Gillis 1). The answer may be certain that appropriate food distribution and regulation is the key, but in order to address health concerns in a more efficient way, food modification and research need to be integrated with food production with agriculture. In fact, the rise of biotechnology and the breakthrough of genetically modified crops to enhance food diets have become integral components of modern agriculture in the modern society. Furthermore, the occurrence of energy crisis paved the way for enhancing or improving agriculture practices or techniques in order to provide maximum production of raw materials. These raw materials at some point may be staple food requirements which in this case using them as raw materials to answer energy crisis competes against the humans’ absolute necessity for food. One basic example is the possibility of biofuel as an alternative source of energy to answer the prevailing energy crisis. In addition, animals compete with humans on certain types of foods. This requires doubling or increasing production of these kinds of foods. In order to meet this, the answer still boils down to how agriculture should be maximized up to its full potential. However, the real issue is that the available land for agriculture needs to be increased while globalization and population increase continue to limit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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