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An account on urban food security and agricultural readjustment - Essay Example

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The Industrial Revolution of the early 19th century entwined the socioeconomic and cultural conditions amongst the stream of major changes occurring in the fields of agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and transportation. Eventually almost each and every activity of daily life…
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An account on urban food security and agricultural readjustment
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Download file to see previous pages Underpinning the dramatic increases in production capacity. This change, effects of which spread throughout the world, had an enormous impact on society. Along with the industrial revolution the socioeconomic evolution was triggered. The unfolding of the evolution carried the people of the nations through the diverse levels of socioeconomic life, also in the mean time opening up further fields of employment opportunities thereof bearing more elaborate societal and national classifications. Just as a new occupation based distinction between compatriots was generated by the industrial revolution, a division of labor distinguishes the countries of the globalized world. The socioeconomic classification of the so called NIC (newly industrialized country) applies to myriad countries across the globe. Countries defined as NICs are those with economic standards that are yet to reach the first world status but at the same time have surpassed their developing counterparts and are characterized by the rapid economic growth their nation is undergoing. Predominantly export-oriented initial or ongoing industrialization process is the vital determinant of this rapid growth. Many of the newly industrialized countries and developing countries, face social upheaval primarily occurring as more and more people migrate to urban areas.
The growing number of rising concerns in manufacturing and factories in the cities enable the accommodation of thousands of laborers. Thereby drawing out the workforce of cultivation. The same also marks the transformation of developing countries as more and more people switch from agriculture to industrial sectors.
At the preliminary stage; the social freedom and civil rights, increasingly open market economy, freedom to trade with any nation of the world, whopping foreign investments and large scale corporations operations in almost all the continents
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