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The integration of poland into the european union has been an unqualified success.Discuss - Essay Example

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Poland, belonging to the former Eastern block, had fulfilled its long cherished dream of becoming part and parcel of the European Union in May 2004 when it successfully gained admission as a member along with nine other countries. Prior to that, Poland signed the Accession Treaty in Athens on April 16, 2003…
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The integration of poland into the european union has been an unqualified success.Discuss
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Extract of sample "The integration of poland into the european union has been an unqualified success.Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages Much water has flowed under the bridge with in this period and Poland had undergone a sea change before it joined the EU bandwagon. If you go deeper into the past, it had travelled a long way from the former USSR controlled single-party communist political system to the much desired legislature democratic system found in many western European countries. Gone were the days of Communist repression by the Giereks, Kanias and Zarujelskis and Poland, now a blossoming democracy that has linked its destiny with the rest of the Europe, is presently looking ahead for a golden future. That Poland has gained admission into the EU indicates the political wisdom and maturity it has achieved and social transformation it has undergone over a period of time. Its much- awaited admission into the EU and integration with the west had just arrived as a climax that strengthened the already existing trade and cultural relationship between Poland and the rest of the Europe.
The admission into EU of Poland had only therefore formalised and officially branded its existing relationship with the rest of the region. Like any other European country, Poland too had to meet certain stringent conditions laid down by the EU and prove its credentials in matters of political stability, commitment to human rights, democracy, protection to minorities and market economy. Cordell argues that the first post-communist Polish regime had basically accorded highest priority to the issue of integration with the West and the subsequent Governments had also adopted similar line strengthening the political sentiment in favour of EU membership (29 & 30). He suggests that all Polish Governments since 1990 had made it a point to toe the line of full integration with the military, political and economic organisations of the Western Europe that included the Council of Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the Western European Union (WEU) and the European Community/European Union (24).
For the people of Poland who were vexed with the Russian supported-communist regimes till then, the change in the perception and attitude of the post-communist Governments had arrived as fresh breath of air. The fact that Poland, like Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia and some other European countries, had partly or fully enjoyed
patterns of culture similar to that of Western Europe for a long time had further given oxygen to the process of integration. As Slomp elaborates, most people of Poland are traditional Catholics too (164). All these factors had strengthened the popular perception of the people and political parties for total integration with the Western Europe.
According to Parzymies, an observer of Polish affairs, Poland undoubtedly exhibited much enthusiasm in obtaining membership of the EU ever since its associate membership came into force partly from March 1, 1992 and fully from February 1, 1994 through the European Treaty of 1991(Para 3).But what could obviously be the benefit to either Poland or the rest of the Europe through Poland's admission into the EU Parzymies answers this by explaining that admission of Poland and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Integration of Poland into the European Union Has Been an Essay.
“The Integration of Poland into the European Union Has Been an Essay”, n.d.
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