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Interpersonal Communication Nonverbal communication Date: University: Interpersonal Communication Nonverbal communication Nonverbal communication includes expressions made by face and hands, gestures including body gestures…
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Pick one topic from the attachment, which includes the description of what the instructor
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Download file to see previous pages Like a uniformed police officer shows by his dress that he is a police officer. The most important functions of nonverbal communication is to make the speech more effective, to convey emotions, to show attitude and presentation of one’s personality. According to my observation nonverbal communication is used vastly. Nonverbal communication is compiled with other type of communication to get better results. Nonverbal communication plays an important role in a person’s life. Including me, all the persons I observed used nonverbal communication in their speech. Facial expressions and hand gestures are used during my observation. Most of the persons mixed their facial expressions with gestures. In my observation the nonverbal for the return is a moving hand gesture with thumb pointing backwards and commonly known facial expressions for the joy and sorrow with lips lifted up and down. The nonverbal for compliment is an arm and hand gesture with four fingers pointing upward. The results show that most of the persons use hand gestures, eye movement and facial for the nonverbal communication. Most of the people use gestures as nonverbal communication but chronemics has much importance in a nonverbal communication. Chronemics is the usage of time in a nonverbal communication. Chronemics has two distinct time patterns one is monochromic time and the other is polychromic time. If one thing is done in a single space of time is called monochromic time and if more than one thing is done in a single space of time is referred as polychromic time. Paralanguage is also an important factor of a nonverbal communication. In my observation, I found proxemics a little less important. Haptics is a type of nonverbal communication that utilizes sense of touch. It is more important in interacting with animals and where touch is necessary and in dealing with touch based technological materials. Shake hand is an example of haptic communication. In my observation haptic communication is in use from centuries to express a person’s feeling and most people will find them incomplete if they don’t find a person to express their emotion through touch. Posture identifies the attention of a person towards a certain mater or towards a person and in my observation it is the most noted nonverbal communication tool. Gesture is a body movement like a wink, a wave of hand or shake of head. Eye movements are considered a method of nonverbal communication that is used to express emotions, rituals and attitude. Eye movements are used for multiple tasks like to show interest, liking and disliking, attention and the how a person is involved in the other person. There is a need to emphasize more on the nonverbal communication in order to interact with other people more emotionally and show our devotion and dedication towards them. Consider a world without the nonverbal communication, you would found it colorless. Touch, posture and eye movements convey such messages that cannot be conveyed easily by utilizing verbal communication. If the nonverbal communication would not there, it would be a difficult task for the baby to identify the love of his mother. Nonverbal communication not only gives a person a sense of love but also a sense of reliability, sense of security, and also a sense of care. We see a police officer and consider that we are secured. We see our mother and consider that someone cares for us. I always prefer to read more about a nonverbal behavior of a person. Nonverbal commun ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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