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Lack of Parental Involvement at a Local Elementary School Negatively Affects the Academic Success of the Students - Essay Example

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This research project examines the importance of parental involvement as well as the consequences of their lack of involvement in their children education. Parental involvement in the education of their children is undoubtedly of great significance in the academic achievement of the student. …
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Lack of Parental Involvement at a Local Elementary School Negatively Affects the Academic Success of the Students
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Extract of sample "Lack of Parental Involvement at a Local Elementary School Negatively Affects the Academic Success of the Students"

Download file to see previous pages This paper also investigates the reasons as to why some parents don’t get fully involved, as it has been observed that not all parents participate actively in the education process of their children. The ways through which schools and teachers can have parents get involved actively in educating their kids at home is also closely examined in this paper. Outline Lack of parental involvement at a local elementary school negatively affects the academic success of the students Chapter I: Introduction Chapter one examines the background of the proposal topic (Lack of Parental Involvement in Education and how it affects children and their academic success) by bringing out the statement of the problem. The purpose of the study and research questions has also been stated. In chapter two the secondary information relating to parental involvement in their children’s academic process has been examined and related to the performance of the child. This has been based on the previous studies carried on the topic. Problem Statement As observed by Bryan (2005) it is very likely for student to perform below their potential if parents are not actively involved in their academic progress. However, despite this problem parents as seen still not to be fully involved in their children school activities. As revealed by Wanat (1992), this problem is mainly as a result of lack of time or expertise in the side of the parent. Purpose The purpose of this study is to examine the extent in which the involvement of parents in academic process has been lacking and the impact it has caused in the achievement of the children. Chapter II: Study of the Problem Description of the study area This...
This paper stresses that it is evident that parents’ involvement in their children education is very vital for the children academic success. It is therefore true that lack of parental involvement would lead to poor performance of their children in school. The findings of this study are expected to examine how good performance of children in school depends to a large extend on parental involvement in children education. It is expected to suggest ways of enhancing parental participation in educating their kids. Therefore, given that data collection tool is a questionnaire to teachers, the research will seek data from the audience best placed to give the best feedback on children and what is required of their parents to improve academic performance.
This report makes a conclusion that suggestions likely to be collected from teachers are: calling for parents meetings in school more often, making parents aware that their children good performance depends on their involvement, encouraging parents to assist and supervise their kids when doing their home work as well as encouraging parents to have in place a good study, play and family time home program for their children when not in school. The author of the paper declares that the decision to use schools from one zone in this study could limit the generalization of the findings to other schools but could be useful for illustrations and basis for more research. This is because the study will be carried out under constrain of time and therefore the data sample may not be distributed to many schools but will only be concentrated in ten schools which are close together. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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