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Should illicit drugs be legalized - Essay Example

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The question of whether illicit drugs, that is drugs that it is currently illegal to be in possession of, is one that gives rise to great controversy, scrutiny and debate whenever it is asked.This might perhaps be due to the vagueness of the question rather than the subject matter itself…
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Should illicit drugs be legalized
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Download file to see previous pages When one first hears that question, the mind immediately jumps to little packets of drugs like heroin and cocaine stacked on supermarket shelves where at most one would have to present id and thereby be in possession of them. However that might not exactly be the scenario the question itself is aiming at. No doubt drugs like heroin and cocaine should not be legalized. That is a matter so obvious that it is likely not to be the matter under debate and discussion anyway. The gray area arises when many of those illicit drugs are illustrated to have great medicinal benefit and seem no more capable of harm that cigarettes or alcohol. To answer the question, one must first explain what illicit drugs mean and how they may be further divided. Illicit drugs are any drugs that are illegal to trade, grow or possess. The word 'drugs', as mentioned, immediately gives rise to a negative stimulus in even the most educated of minds. But drugs do not necessarily have to be negative substances, or substances that harm a person. Medicines are also drugs, and many medicines also have the potential of being abusive substances, when administered incorrectly. Why then are they never sought to be made illegal? The answer to that is simple: because their benefits far outweigh any possible side effects that they may have. Certain illicit drugs such as Marijuana have been medically proven to have positive medicinal effects on patients suffering from diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis or even AIDS. Granted, it is more popular as a recreational drug than a medicinal one, but perhaps the question should be over how to reduce the recreational appeal and enhance it more medicinally, and the laws against it should be not on the basis of sale or possession, but rather on stricter guidelines for its distribution. To say that all illicit drugs should be legalized is wrong, but to say that none of them should be is equally wrong. Drugs that are capable of being beneficial if correctly used, such as the aforementioned marijuana should be further studied so that their harmful effects can be minimized and they should then be sold as medicines, but under the supervision of a doctor and only in the possession of a prescription. Antidepressants and relaxants are one of the most popularly used substances for abuse, yet they continue to be sold in pharmacies across the world, in likely every city of the world. Even cough syrup and laxatives have been recorded as abuse substances. Humans are capable of extracting negative benefit from almost any kind of substance or object imaginable. To make the substance illegal is counter-productive, as humans are also capable of find ways around the restrictions imposed upon them. Furthermore, it makes no sense to have substances like cigarettes and alcohol, which are shown to have almost no medicinal or health benefits at all, are freely sold, served and used, but others such as the aforementioned marijuana are not. Indeed, the reason the latter is used might perhaps be the only reason the former are used: mental relaxation. Adults that consume alcohol or some generally do it to achieve a certain sense of calm or relaxation. When marijuana aims to serve the same purpose, why is the matter considered taboo? Those that argue over its being multiply more harmful do not consider how certain forms of tobacco, such as cigars, might be even more harmful than marijuana, yet they too are freely and legally sold. Perhaps the main fear over legalization of these drugs is that they tend to appeal to the younger generation, who unlike the adults that consume alcohol or smoke, might not be able to control their dependence on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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