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Illicit Drug Industry - Research Paper Example

With the exception of marijuana and a few other unrefined drugs, the majority of drugs within the current market are highly refined and require something of a laboratory type process to synthesize their compounded parts. For instance, drugs such as ecstasy, speed, methamphetamine, and a great many others cannot merely be harvested in the same way that marijuana can for delivery to the end-user. As a function of this level of reality, the drug industry cannot and should not be viewed as merely comprising the delivery mechanisms by which the end user attains the drug. What is meant by this is the fact that each and every process of the industry is related and ultimately complex. Taking the case of cocaine as an example, the reader realizes that the initial process begins with the planting and tempting of the coca plant. Once harvested, a complex process of synthesis is engaged in order to derive the white powdered cocaine that is used on the street. However, prior to the white outer itself ending up in the hands of drug dealers and users, it is generally cut with another substance, typically a non-narcotic, as a means of reducing the overall strength and potency of the cocaine mixture. Further, the drug is been transported from the jungles of the Amazon and South America either through central America into the United States or via the Caribbean into the United States. Once there, a complex distribution network of drug dealers and suppliers are able to integrate the drug into the hands of

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Drugs can destroy the lives of millions of young people who are the assets of world. Drugs are a major threat to the health of the young generation; it generates crime and kills the hopes of millions of people and their families. Drug abuse can cause mental and physical problems for the addicts.
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War on Drugs
The war describes set of programs pursued by US administration starting with the Nixon administration aiming at reducing the use of illicit drugs in the US.The hallmark of the policies involves increasing supply disruption strategies that have been favored as opposed to demand curtailment. However, the Obama administration is yet to establish a definitive break with previous drug policies of the previous administrations.
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g Advertising), unethical recruitment of physicians, physicians targeted promotions, researchers’ conflicts of interests and finally, data manipulation during drug trials, which are by no means ethical from any frame of reference. Activists and advocacy groups have long
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obal businesses with the claim made by the UN World Drug Report 2007 that “at some $322 billion” (Shah, 2008), illicit drugs trade especially catches the attention of active global criminal networks as the mind-blowing profits made this way outsmart the profits made from
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the users. Naturally, this specifies and denotes only one particular means by which an illicit drug is provided to the market all. Due to the fact that there are a litany of different types of illicit drugs that originate from around the world, the reader can and should understand that this only helps to tell part of the story. One of the changes which has aptly been demonstrated within the past several years is with regards to the fact that drug usage has precipitously shifted. Previously, drug usage was a problem that affected a large number of individuals within society; however, the events realities of the recent past have fundamentally shifted interpretation understanding of illicit drug usage. What is meant by this is the fact that a large and growing number of individuals within society have begun taking illicit drugs via a mechanism of legal and pharmacologically prescribed drugs. Due to the fact that doctors are increasingly willing to sign powerful prescriptions for antidepressants, anxiety medication, and attention deficit disorder medication, as well as extraordinarily powerful opiate derived pain medicines, a large number of people within society that might not have traditionally been booked on drugs have found themselves in a situation defined by drug usage. If and when the doctor and/or doctors that they are utilizing to fulfill these prescriptions are no longer willing to purchase a paid in an action it is quite obviously linked to addiction, the individual necessarily turns to the illicit drugs market as a means of providing the needed fix (Wood et al 69). This change in the illicit drug industry has promoted a level of prescription drug sale that had previously never existed. Due to the increase of demand by drug addicts for these pharmacologically derived substances, a complete and total shift in the supply and


When one considers the illicit drugs industry, they invariably consider the most commonly referred to forms of drug trafficking; marijuana and cocaine. Although it is true that marijuana accounts for the lion’s share of drug usage, trafficking and industry within the United States, the fact of the matter is that a litany of other drugs that comprise the industry as well as the demand and supply of this industry…
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Illicit Drug Industry
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