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Marketing Plan: Gu Fru Author Name: Name & Section Number of Course: Date: Introduction: 3 Mission: 3 Segmentation, Targeting, locations, population and Trends: 3 UK Pot Dissert Market: 5 Marketing Mix (4Ps) 6 Positioning of the GU Company: 7 Marketing Analysis: 7 Competitive Analysis: 8 Three Year Strategy: 8 Financial Position: 9 Evaluation/Recommendations: 9 References 11 Introduction: GU is a UK based dissert brand owned by Noble Foods, which offers high end disserts, cake, mousses and chocolate related products in UK and some other countries…
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Marketing Planning for Gu Fru
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Download file to see previous pages They offer variety of flavors such as, lime, raspberry, chocolate, mango and passion fruit (JustFood, 2011). Mission: Company mission is to create quality and tasteful mousses, souffles, chocs, cheesecakes, melting middles, tortes, brownie cakes, nibbles and naughties and to create a whole new world of chocolate extremism that’s strictly for adults; which will give them decadently delightful delicacies (GuPuds, 2011). Segmentation, Targeting, locations, population and Trends: GU changed its brand image and re-launches its brand in the market with stronger brands and packaging. The addition of the chocolate line makes this company stronger in the market who are dealing in same packaged products (Gatten, 2011). This market is divided into several sub segments, such as: Chilled Disserts Formage Frais Yogurts GU is offering products in the chilled disserts segment. The UK market for pot disserts and Yogurt is look like: Figure 1: Market Share of Chilled Food in UK 2009 (The Free Library, 2011) The pot dissert market in UK is almost worth around ?1.9 billion, which also includes yougurt. This market almost grown 9.8% due to chilled disserts and yogurt which together makes 88% of the market. Chilled dissert is second largest segment of the industry and worth almost over ?0.5 billion and growing with rapid pace of over 4% in UK (The Free Library, 2011). Main market for Gu in this segments are young adults and in Britain 660,900 tonnes of chocolate a year were eaten and almost 11kg per person per year is the rate. The target market for this segment is young kids, young adults and elderly people as well. This segments most likely target market is kids and youngsters. UK Pot Dissert Market: This is the main market for GU and this market is grown significantly in last couple of years in UK. The main factors of this growth is people living alone are increased significantly and demand for single and smaller disserts increased significantly in result which will be a good trend for products like Gu. The chilled dissert market is almost worth around ?618.3 million in year 2010 which is up from ?597.2 million in year 2009. The market is grown significantly The market demand for products, like; chilled and pot disserts, puddings, mousses and cheese cakes are on the rise in UK and all these products are offered by GU. The quarter of the adults eat disserts as a part of their main meal. Disserts are mainly served in house hold to children, two-third working mothers buy these pot disserts for their kids (Bainbridge, 2006). The target market for chilled pot disserts is mainly adults. The main age of the target consumer is in between 15 and 25. Where people with age over 65 also a main target for such products. People with age between 45 and 54 are the least likely buyer of such products (Bainbridge, 2006). Marketing Mix (4Ps) Product/Service Strategy: The products are innovative and very unique, people love to try their products and enjoy it. The only problem with their products is that people on the diet should be care full before eating their products. Although, the share of the company is not high but the company is gaining momentum in the market ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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