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Bertolt Brecht: ‘Epic Theater’ and criticism of German expressionism. Twentieth century culture brought a large number of ideas contrasting to older classical approaches to arts. Historically, it is the most important era for shaping up the future of world…
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Bertolt Brecht: Epic Theater and criticism of German expressionism
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Download file to see previous pages In art, philosophy and literature this era had been a period of drastic innovations that changed the perspectives towards many art forms. In theatrical art, most important new waves were initiated when revolutionary approaches found their way to measure traditional art on the latest scenario of philosophical representations coming out of art-forms. Drama had been much ancient an art when compared to movies having quite a shorter history. From very ancient time, drama had also been following the philosophical aspects of aesthetics and epistemology. Traditional drama and theoretical representations were very deeply rooted in assumption of Aristotle (350 B.C.) which he presented in his poetics. Core idea of Aristotelian theory is rooted in the fact that he regarded faculty of art that conceives the audience within. Subsequently, art-forms based on this assumption worshiped the hypnotic power of dramatic art. However, when materialist philosophies grew up very rapidly during the dawn of twentieth century, most of such definitions were renewed. While definitions of drama were being examined, cinematic theories were under development. It was also an era when materialist theories were expanding all over the world. A number of revolutionary attempts were made to change the way society had been cast for so long. In Germany, Brecht (2011) was a leading theatrical artist and theorist who proposed a theory of drama that had its root in the similar ideas arriving around the world regarding responsibility of art and its effect on society. Mainly Brecht's idea about theater and dramatized arts were a reaction to German expressionism which was a prevalent moment of art during simultaneous era. Expressionism had also raised its limits around the beginning of the twentieth century. As a matter of fact, even expressionism did not stick with its non-realistic themes for a very long time. Much later in the course, the genre which entailed extreme images and non-real imaginations was taken in by other doctrines like surrealism. Anyway, during the earlier era, German expressionism dealt with very highly unrealistic themes which were opposed by theorists impressed by the newly arriving thinkers having a tendency to move towards extreme materialism. German Expressionism Before cinema had made its popularity in west, theater had shown most of the themes which prevailed later in Cinema. Brecht was also among the artists who had experimented with theatrical themes before entering into cinema. Brecht's theory confirmed more from theater. This period, in which Brecht's had propagated his theories and influenced a number of theatrical and cinematic artist, was clouded by the effects of German expressionism which was the most influential moment of art in simultaneous era. German expressionism is credited mostly to the Cinematic artists who created very expressionistic themes in German cinema when Hollywood had been involved in tending too much towards the pure entertainment drifting away from delivering any considerable message or artistic theme to the audience. Even German expressionism was born as a reaction to the illusive themes of so called entertaining drama and cinema. However, expressionism had some of its basic tendencies that involved very highly in making non-real scenarios on stage to make audience believe in something that is far away from any reality but represents the basics of human conditions in an imaginary world crafted on stage. In cinema, German expressi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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