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Restaurant Concept Project - Term Paper Example

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“The Sailing Boat” – Fine Dining & Nightlife Hong Kong & Cantonese Food in San Jose, California Prepared for Professor of Restaurant Management HMT 410 DeVry University – Online Prepared by Student: Prepared on 05 18 20111 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 3 Concept Development 4 Site Selection 8 Market Analysis 10 Competition Analysis 10 Licenses & Approvals 13 Design, Furnishings, & Equipment 14 Menu Development 15 Employment of Key Personnel 16 Personnel Training 17 Conclusion 18 References 20 Introduction For the HMT 410 Course Project, I have developed a restaurant concept called “The Sailing Boat” which will bring the taste of my home town- Hong Kong, Cantonese food to the down…
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Restaurant Concept Project
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Download file to see previous pages This restaurant project involves the purchase of an antique, 19th Century Hong Kong “junk” boat, and deconstructing the boat’s elements to become the decoration for a restaurant interior. The decor will follow a design developed by Robert D. Henry Architects in New York, but transform it so that the antique wood of the ship and the old carvings of the hull will be prominently displayed. These elements will be used throughout the restaurant interior, for example in the main bar area and the greeting lobby. The design is for an upscale Chinese restaurant in the downtown San Jose area, near to the HP Pavilion. The area includes many of the five-star hotels of San Jose, as well as being located near to San Jose State University. The combination of business, tourism, and retail shopping in the neighborhood is well established. The plan is targeting a second floor location on South First Street in San Jose, above an existing cafe-restaurant establishment. The Sailing Boat restaurant will also have bar, lounge area, and dance floor so during the weekend it can set up like a club in order to attract more customers. Contemporary Hong Kong Junk in Traditional Style + Source: (Travel with a Challenge, 2011) Concept Development The traditional Hong Kong junk boat is known worldwide as a historical symbol of the city, yet it is a tradition that is rapidly being superseded by new technologies. The Sailing Boat restaurant is based on an upscale Chinese restaurant plan with a specialization in Hong Kong and fusion cuisine. The restaurant will involve the purchase of an antique Hong Kong junk boat and then deconstructing it into a series of panels that will be finished and restored to be used as the side panels in the restaurant. Similarly, the masts, sails, deck, and interior elements will be taken apart from the antique boat, restored, and used to build the bar, restaurant decorations, and main lobby / greeting area. The panels of the ship will be reconstructed in the restaurant interior following a plan developed by Robert D. Henry Architects in New York, and will involve a renovation of the location as well as specialist crew for the ship preservation work. Restaurant Interior - Robert D. Henry Architects, New York (Interior Design News, 2011) The antique wood from the ships sides will be reformatted into panels approximately 10 to 12 feet square that will provide the covering for the walls behind the tables in the dining rooms, lounge, bar area, reception, and lobbies. Contemporary wood floor tiles will be used and the antique Hong Kong junk ship’s elements will be used in the corners, to build buffet elements, as the bar, and in the lounge are as a special theme. The antique Hong Kong junk ships typically had an elaborately carved set of railings, hull, and upper deck that will be perfect as the backdrop of a restaurant. By abstracting the ship elements into a modern restaurant design, the decor of The Sailing Boat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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