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Professional Issues - Child Protection - Essay Example

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This paper is a reflective report, which evidences critical study in depth of an agreed specialist professional area of practice that analyses issues of paradox, change, complexity, conflict and value dilemmas. The learning outcomes have been answered. 1. Explore the effect of changing policy and practice on the reduction of admissions to care and the trend towards foster care over residential care?…
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Professional Issues - Child Protection
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Extract of sample "Professional Issues - Child Protection"

Download file to see previous pages In the task of looking after the children who are being abused the child protection workers have to face many problems. Child welfare work is difficult and Child protection social workers have to face lots of challenges in relation to the management of violence done to the children. These child protection professionals have to face the threatening of the parents and they also have to challenge the underlying assumption that working with parents is always possible. Many of the workers have to face the threats of not only the parents but also of the supporting agencies. Decision making is the main thing which is the essence of child protection. Rebecca Aviel in his article Restoring Equipoise to Child Welfare says that an error in decision making from the part of a social worker will lead him/her to answer the questions raised by the federal court. (Aviel, 2010). Despite the area of consultation a social worker has to make decision about child safety. In a monthly article titled ‘CPS Supervision: What does the present suggest for the Future?’ it appeared that despite the area of consultation a social worker has to make decision about child safety. For this they need assistance for sorting out the problems of maltreating families. When the workers do not get any assistance they make it anyway which may not be a proper one. Many young people are coming into this field without any proper education or training. They cannot be considered as professionals and they are prone to make wrong decisions which may affect the child in a bad way. In such a condition of lack of professionals the supporting agencies do not even think of keeping supervisors. The agencies also support an ineffective means of treatment of the social workers. They often try to compensate and support the ineffective supervisors and they ignore the work of the supervisors. (Liddle, et al, 1988). Child workers work in close association with the families to monitor child’s safety and well being. They have to assess the on going service needs of the children and also of the foster parents. They also have to ensure the safety of the child and look for “stable living arrangements that promote the well being of the children” (Child Welfare Caseworker Visits with Children and Parents: Innovations in State Policy, 2006). Formerly being a social worker, Robert Tapsfield, Chief Executive, Fostering Network says that it is a challenge for a social worker to make the decisions and make it right. It should be identified that the protection of the children who face child abuse is not the sole responsibility of the social worker. The responsibility is to be shared among the directors, managers, supporters, lead members and the counselors. One of the main difficulties faced by the social workers is to find out or identify the families in which the child is abused. They family may try to hide matters from the social worker who go to interview the child. Robert Tapsfield says that it may need officials or professionally skilled persons to undertake this task. (Milton, 2011). Social workers are to be well trained to do this task of finding facts from the family in which a child is abused or suffering. They also find it difficult to work with aggressive and violent parents who may not disclose the secrets in front of a stranger. They may indulge in violent means to prevent this. “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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