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Safeguarding Children against Abuse and Neglect - Coursework Example

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This paper highlights that every child has a right to be loved and given sufficient care by all persons responsible; parents and guardians. It is unfortunate that there are children still existing in deplorable conditions that render them particularly vulnerable. …
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Safeguarding Children against Abuse and Neglect
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Extract of sample "Safeguarding Children against Abuse and Neglect"

Download file to see previous pages Shockingly statistics by the UNCF indicates that approximately 80% of child abuse in the UK is instigated by own biological parents. At least a child is dying on a weekly basis due to cruelty from adults while thousands are enduring not only abuse but also neglect. It will be noted that this is just a fraction of the problem as the majority of the cases are not reported (Fraser, 2008). In this paper, I will be discussing how increased awareness of child abuse among professionals and within the wider society could help protect children and young people.
While safeguarding is the business of everyone, statistics have indicated that majority of the abuse cases are perpetrated persons who are well known and trusted by the children. More unfortunate is the fact that cases of actual child abuse are often known about by other adults who could act and prevented the occurrence. Today, statistics show that there are over 30,000 children in the UK are currently registered for child protection against abuse and 600 more are added on the registers on a weekly basis. At least a child in every ten has suffered abuse or at least some serious neglect. According to the NSPCC, child abuse is costing approximately £1billion in terms of statutory and voluntary organizations. By definition, child abuse encompasses omission of care, mistreatment & neglect and the abuse could either be either intended or unintended. It usually is caused by adults and may be as a result of behavior pattern or sometimes just one off (Walker, 2013).
Major policy legislation on safeguarding the welfare of children was realized through the Children Act of 1989. This act placed the duty of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the United Kingdom to the courts of law, parents, local authorities and many other agencies working with children (Fraser, 2008). The act is based on the notion that the best care for children can be given while within their families but also has provisions for those events where parents, guardians, and families fail to co-operate with statutes.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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