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Napolean and Stonewall Jackson - Essay Example

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Operational Arts Napoleon Versus Stonewall Jackson TOPIC: What impact did Napoleon have on the art and science of war, and in particular on the notion of operational art? How does Napoleon compare and contrast to Stonewall Jackson? Table of Contents Operational Arts 1 Napoleon Versus Stonewall Jackson 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Napoleon’s Influence on War Strategies 3 Operational Arts 4 Napoleonic Impact on Operational Arts 5 Stonewall Jackson 6 Napoleon versus Stonewall Jackson 6 Conclusion 7 Bibliography 9 Introduction In the words of Halleck, “War in its most extensive sense may be regarded both as a science and an art…
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Napolean and Stonewall Jackson
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Download file to see previous pages Napoleon’s Influence on War Strategies Until Napoleon, the act of war was there were either the state rulers or the trusted warriors who were regarded as responsible of the entire affair. However, Napoleon and Fredrick II had introduced a new concept of ‘warrior-king’ who can apply diplomatic as well as military power for his own aims “…and thus could more directly tailor military actions to strategic aims--and more thoroughly conclude peace following decisive military events”2. The warfare was in evolution even in the age of Napoleon. He had cleverly noticed the problems of sustenance and movement of armies in the battlefield and he took advantage of it. He had increased the mobility of the armies and had applied his creative tactics in the art of warfare, especially in the quick formation of army combinations. His creativity and insight into the affairs of War tactics had won him great victories. Critics believe that Napoleon’s victory lies mainly to his ability in synthesizing and exploiting the developments made by others. He did not rely on personal novelties; rather he tried to gain concepts from the war tactics applied by others. This approach ended the earlier “force employment, as opposed to weapons technology or logistical means”3. “Napoleon was about action; he did not share Jomini’s focus on principles”.4 To him, war was what is done in the battlefield, not in books. Though napoleon had not proposed a definite theory of War as his main concern was application of tactics, Jomini and Clausewitz have interpreted his actions and strategic aims to lay a basis for modern art and science of war. They had studied the operational circumstances and strategies applied by napoleon and they had added the active factors in the theory and art of war operations: pivotal points, main focus, climax, etc. Operational Arts “Operational arts” is a modern concept that deals with the conception and execution of military operations through the direction of military forces for particular strategic intentions. The whole operation involves the combining of the forces and allocating of the assets to planned units. Thus, it forms a bridge between strategy and tactics by building an association between the aims of war and the actual fight in it, and seeks to attain a level between these. Napoleonic Impact on Operational Arts Many critics believe that the origin of the concept of operational arts lie back to eighteenth century with the theorists belonging to “the Soviet inter-war”. However until recently, this term referred to only a combination of activities performed in the battlefield, such as: defining the routes of attack, scavenging and stocking, and barriers along with the growth of overall mans, unceasing processes athwart manifold battles of war, and the distribution of power among dogmatic and armed leaders. Later, Napoleonic wars as well as the industrial revolution developed them into a true set of operations. Napoleonic wars introduced large groups of inspired men-of-war while the other had provided with the sources for army’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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