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All Game Play is Performance: The State of the Art Game - Essay Example

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ALL GAME PLAY IS PERFORMANCE: THE STATE OF THE ART GAME By ‘your name’ Presented to “Your Instructor’s name”, “your class name”. Add the name of your university Your city and state Due date Total performance is the state-of-the-digital-art game…
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All Game Play is Performance: The State of the Art Game
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, it has taken the collaboration between the player and the play to an astoundingly high level that could have never been thought of a decade ago, and has subsequently enhanced the performance exhibited by the ‘artist’ in the whole process. The article puts forward the idea that gamers formulate Gesamtkunstwerk, a total aesthetic gaming experience. Collin and Malmborg (2002, p. 189) further define ‘aesthetic’ in terms of gaming in two ways: a artistically conscious and total theatrical approach pertaining to new media studies and breakthroughs; and secondly this attribute also serves to divert the viewer’s attention to the emotive dimensions of the interactions with the digital media. The writers illustrates their idea by citing as examples the 3D game such as that of Doom and Quake III arena, the distinctive landscapes are presented in an breath taking manner, and the elaborate representation of historical artifacts for instance the ‘Albertinian window’ of art history in Doom are exemplary in the world of digital entertainment. (Beardon and Malmborg 2002, p 192-193) One of the two games that I would like to discuss is FIFA electronics Art Football game. This game represents total theatrical performance since it possesses all the components required for the embodiment for live action and interaction as proposed by the article. Its game graphics are astoundingly close to nature, this phenomena is further testified by Osborn and Greenfield (2006, p. 138) as they stated the fact that players are instantly recognized and have personalized features such as speed, tackling features, skill, fitness and unique aggressive styles. Even the in-game tactics are made to suit each player’s own personal attacking strategy in real life. They further elaborated on the phenomena by expressing that the player and indirectly the gamer is bounded by all the rules and regulations of the play similar to an artist is bound by a script, for instance if the player chooses to commit deliberate foul either by lunging, kicking and pushing, he is either entitled to a substitution or is banned for another kick-off match according to the Code of Conduct Of Football. The new FIFA Soccer 12 launched this year is an excellent embodiment of the expression of architectural art. The environment is enlivened by innovative curved pitches and charismatic camera shots that accentuate the 3D planes, involving Nintendo Wi-Fi connections for 11 versus 11 game play and head-to-head online matches. In this way, the game will generate attentions, audience and enthusiasm just as a theatrical play would. (EA sports, 2011) I have played the older versions of FIFA, but they never cease to charm me during every game play. The life –like attributes of the players make the game every interactive and at times even addictive in nature which even adds to the learning ability of the user since he/she will be analyzing which set of teams and most particularly what set of gaming strategy would prove to be beneficial for his/her game play. This notion is further reinforced by the authors Burmester, Gerhard and Thissen (2006, p. 153-154), they are of the opinion that the application becomes more rewarding and motivating this way, and at the same time they make the whole learning experience very appealing. References Beardon, C & Malmborg, L2002, Digital Creativity: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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