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Human perception on gambling and investing (online sports betting and day trading) - Essay Example

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However, if it were not for a number of people who generously shared their knowledge and time with me, I could not have written this…
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Human perception on gambling and investing (online sports betting and day trading)
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Extract of sample "Human perception on gambling and investing (online sports betting and day trading)"

Download file to see previous pages ---------- has contributed greatly to making me the person that I am today.
I express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor, ------------ whose guidance and wisdom helped me to give a coherent shape to my material, and remain confident and optimistic throughout the entire process. His ability to incessantly identify the lacunae in my writing, served to challenge my thinking; his critical passion and intellectual humor encouraged me to keep pushing myself to the limits of my ability. If it were not for his positive attitude and encouragement, this dissertation would not have been completed.
I would like to thank --------------- for her creative drive and immense generosity, and the support and trust that she had reposed in me throughout the years spent at -------, and for all the practical advice and thoughts, and for all the time that she had spent on talking and discussing various subjects with me.
In addition, I would like to specifically thank the----------------- and his colleagues for their support, for the time spent on discussing my subject and area of interest, for all the advice and directions given in order to sharpen my ideas and construct my dissertation topic, and also for their unreserved sharing of knowledge with me.
I have profited greatly from ----------, who helped me to develop my ideas at the initial stage of the ------ program. I was lucky to have met him at the beginning of the ---------- studies while I was still struggling with my first drafts forms. He was able to understand, much before I could, as to the objective of my thesis and what I was attempting to convey. He gave me the courage and inspiration, and also taught me to love the research and writing process.
I am especially grateful to ----------------- ., first, for the impetus that she imparted to me, in order to take up the program and secondly for always ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“Human perception on gambling and investing (online sports betting and Essay”, n.d.)
Human perception on gambling and investing (online sports betting and Essay. Retrieved from
(Human Perception on Gambling and Investing (online Sports Betting and Essay)
Human Perception on Gambling and Investing (online Sports Betting and Essay.
“Human Perception on Gambling and Investing (online Sports Betting and Essay”, n.d.
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