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U05a1 and u05a2 - Essay Example

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u05a1 Planetology Review Assignment Answer the following questions from your textbook, to continue to test your understanding of comparative planetology, including planetary atmospheres, gravitational pull, and masses. Provide additional information for your answers, as needed, to demonstrate your complete understanding and meet the criteria outlined in the Planetology Review Assignment Scoring Guide…
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U05a1 and u05a2
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Why is Jupiter so much more dense than Saturn? Could a planet be smaller in size than Jupiter but greater in mass? Explain. Ans: Jupiter is closer to sun and has over 3 times more than the mass of Saturn. Jupiter is denser than that of Saturn because of two factors. They are (i). Jupiter has relatively larger gravitation field because of its mass and rotational pressures. (ii). Jupiter has denser core of rocks and other minerals. Jupiter has heavy metals in its interior. Hence it is denser than that of Saturn. Yes. There could be a planet smaller in size but greater in mass than that of Jupiter. Because Jupiter is mainly made up of gas, hence any planet slightly smaller in size but made of solid material would have more mass than Jupiter. And also building a planet with Hydrogen and Helium is like assembling the fluffy pillows one over the other. As the pillows are stacked one above the other the pillows at the bottom are compressed and hence their mutual gravitational force increases. Hence it slightly increases in its height as and when the stack size is increased but gets denser. Therefore the extra mass increases the density of the planet but smaller change in mass. 4. Why does Jupiter have such a strong magnetic field? Describe a few features of Jupiter’s magnetosphere. ...
Jupiter’s magnetosphere traps far more charged particles than Earth’s magnetosphere. These particles contribute to auroras and also create belts of very intense radiation around Jupiter. This is so strong that it could damage the orbiting spacecraft. Jupiter’s magnetic field creates a magnetosphere that surrounds the planet as a shield which protects the planet from the solar wind. 6. Briefly describe Jupiter’s weather patterns and contrast them with those on the other jovian planets. What is the Great Red Spot? Ans: Jupiter’s atmosphere has several gases that condense to form clouds. Each of these gases condenses at a different temperature, leading to distinctive cloud layers at different altitudes. Jupiter has primarily three different cloud layers and Jupiter’s atmosphere is colder at higher altitudes. About 100 kilometers below the highest cloudtops, the temperatures are nearly earth-like And water can condense to form clouds. Higher up, the water clouds it is cold enough for a gas called ammonium hydrosulfide to condense into clouds which produces the dark colours of Jupiter. Higher still the temperature is so cold that ammonia condenses to make an upper layer of white clouds. Like the large hurricanes occasionally arise on Earth, Jupiter also has powerful storms. Spectroscopic observations (analysis of light) + calculations explains about the composition of clouds as follows: Ammonia (NH3) crystals in top layer. Ammonium hydrosulfide (NH4SH) crystals in middle layer. Water ice in lowest layer. The colors seem to be associated with temperature. White "zones" are higher and cooler. Dark "bands" are lower and warmer. Comparison with other atmosphere planets: Jupiter and Saturn have stripes of alternating color and wind direction. But Saturn's ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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