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Jovian Moons: A Scientific Insight - Research Paper Example

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The intention of the current research is to summarize the contemporary findings in the moons near Jupiter as well as to discuss its astronomic properties, i.e. atmosphere, surface, etc. The writer of the paper pays specific attention to the satellites named Callisto and Ganymede…
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Jovian Moons: A Scientific Insight
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Extract of sample "Jovian Moons: A Scientific Insight"

Download file to see previous pages The age of Callisto is around 4.5 billion years, the same as that of the planet where it is located which is Jupiter. Callisto is the furthest of the Galilean moons since it orbits from Jupiter at around 1,168,000 miles. Due to this distance from Jupiter, it takes seven days of the earth to make a single complete orbit around the planet. Its orbit outside Jupiter’s main radiation strap makes the moon experience less tidal influences as compared to other Jovian moons. The size Callisto is about 3,000 miles in diameter, which is 4,800 kilometers. It is approximately the same size as planet mercury making it the third largest moon of the solar system. Callisto has the lowest density. Callisto’s mean surface temperature is 218.47 Fahrenheit (Zimmermann).
Callisto was discovered by Galileo Galilei on January 7, 1610. Of all the Jupiter’s moons, it was the fourth to be discovered. It was discovered along with other three Jovian moons and it was the first for a moon to be found circling a planet which is not Earth. Galileo’s discovery finally led to the knowledge that planets orbit the sun (Zimmermann).
Jupiter and its moons have been visited by several spacecraft. In 1973, Pioneer 10 arrived and by 1974, pioneer 11 had followed. During their flybys, Voyager 1, as well as Voyager 2, brought back outstanding photos. Detailed images were later to be formed by the Galileo spacecraft that traveled as near to the ground as 162 miles which are 261 kilometers over the exterior of the Galilean moons.
Craters are the most noticeable feature of Callisto. This is because of the entire solar system Callisto has the most craters. According to scientist’s approximation, of the entire solar system, Callisto has the eldest surface.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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