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The formation began after a giant rotating cloud of gas and dust called solar nebular collapsed. The nebular fell due to a gravitational pull. Most material got pulled to the middle to make the sun which is the core of…
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A Short Paper on the Inside the Solar System
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Inside the Solar System Inside the Solar System The solar system development started billions of years ago. The formation began after a giant rotating cloud of gas and dust called solar nebular collapsed. The nebular fell due to a gravitational pull. Most material got pulled to the middle to make the sun which is the core of the solar system (Tate, 2011). Other materials stuck together to form planets, moon, comets, asteroids and other celestial bodies which make up the solar system. The solar system forms part of the galaxy which is a collection of stars and planets which forms the Milky Way. This paper will look inside the solar system concentrating on asteroids, comets, the moon and the sun. It will focus on Karl Tate’s article on the solar system, presented in 2011 at
The solar system comprises of eight planets and five dwarf planets. This is according to a valid astronomers count (Tate, 2011). Some of the terrestrial planets include Mars, Neptune and the inner planets also called the Jovian planets. Dwarf planets are small in size. The sun is the closest planet to planet earth and the largest object in the solar system. The sun is orbited by eight planets.
Meteors and meteoroids are strip of lights commonly referred to as falling or shooting stars although they are not stars. They consist of small pieces of rocks or metals that come from space into the sky and move at a remarkably high speed. Comets are larger than meteors. They move at a much lower rate and have tails. Comets consist of mostly ice and rocks. Asteroids are small rocky objects with round or irregular shapes (Tate, 2011). In conclusion, the publication shows the beauty and the science behind what is observed from time to time in the skies.
Tate, K. (2011). Solar system explained from the inside out (infographic). Retrieved from Read More
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