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Globalization is Good - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay presents advantages and disadvantages of globalization, that is one of the most controversial issue these days. This essay aims to analyze the concept of globalization, that has entered almost in all areas of our lives be it business, language, education or many else…
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Globalization is Good
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Download file to see previous pages According to him there are three major arguments namely network society, informational capitalism and the development of contemporary global politics acts as a unifying thread for globalization. His trilogy works on the interaction of these three forces leading to globalization. It is this informational and technological revolution that led to network society where all society structure and activities are based on electronically processes information (Castells, 1998). This network society along with informational capitalism is the globalization system, which gives rise to globalized networks in the form of enterprises and political movements etc. This has only been made possible with the advancement information and communication technology (ICT). This ICT revolution has seeped in all aspects of our society and the economy and is responsible for the current phase of globalization. According to him the changes in economic policy resulting in liberalization and deregulation of economy is also made possible due to changes in ICT (Castells, 2000). It provided the technological capacity to the system to work as a single global unit. Castell’s view is different from Gidden’s on globalization who talks about globalization in totality whereas Castell’s emphasizes on the transformation to global society and the leading factors. According to Castells this informational capitalism is quite unique in its form and shape from the earlier forms of market society. it is argued that this form emerged in the wake of failure of capitalism in the 70’s due to declining profits, burgeoning social cost, rising standards of living and the post war settlements which led to full...
This essay aims at studying the meaning and characteristic of globalization along with the social developments. What are the driving forces and factors for the globalization and network society? What role internet has played in transforming the functional capabilities of the social networks? This essay also aims at studying various dimensions of globalization along with different social experiences and configurations of globalization as well as their alignment with each other. After studying the forces, such as changes in communication and technology, that is responsible for transformation in globalization it is evident that globalization is inevitable. It has entered into every sphere of our life, including economy, politics, society etc. Society network has led to informational capitalism and has influenced the global economy. This globalization has not only been limited to economy and business it has changed the concept of nationality and identity as well. The new concept is of global citizenship that transcends national boundaries. The impact of globalization has generally been positive although it has led to more ethnic violence in some cases, but it is argued that such violence and hatred can also be resolved by introducing globalization at the grass root level. Globalization has also created some disruptions in the concept of jurisdiction and sovereignty but these problems can be resolved with appropriate legal measures. Hence generally globalization has been inevitable but good. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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