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Abstract In this report, a digital surveillance system is proposed for the protection of organization’s critical databases, servers and equipments. The threats that will be countered are physical theft, floods, earthquakes, hacking, and unauthorized access…
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Surveillance Security research assingment
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction In this global technological evolution of information systems, every organization protects the network by firewalls, intrusion detection systems and other dedicated hardware. The widespread implementation of these network defense equipments facilitated the organizations to be more secure. However, the other side of the picture demonstrates that it has also maximized opportunities for hackers to breach in the systems. Security is essential part of any computer network that is operational. Security measures are mandatory as ‘’ covers the basics and states it as “Prevention of and protection against assault, damage, fire, fraud, invasion of privacy, theft, unlawful entry, and other such occurrences caused by deliberate action”. Another definition in the context of network security stated as “Network security covers such issues as network communication privacy, information confidentiality and integrity over network, controlled access to restricted network domains and sensitive information, and using the public network, such as Internet, for private communications ”. Organizations spend enormous funds only for implementing advanced security devices and security applications The reason for doing large investments in order to protect networks is understandable as the impacts of security breaches are also equivalent. Security breaches related to data theft, hacking, unauthorized access etc. impacts on organizations reputation in the market as customer data is exposed to hackers, who can use it for many purposes for financial gain. Likewise, this will also lead in severe revenue loss. The current network of 1-Click Mobile Phones Ltd has only a firewall to combat all the threats. No internal access policies are implemented, no advanced security appliances are present, and no surveillance security framework is implemented. 1-Click Mobile Phones Ltd has recognized the importance of securing the network and hence decided to equip the network with a surveillance security cameras and biometrics, advanced security appliances, wireless security and internal access policies. The objectives of this report are to identify and prevent Unauthorized Access, Monitoring Employee activities by surveillance, Monitoring critical server, database and equipments by surveillance and Preventing Wireless access. Although, advanced firewalls support packet-filtering technology to analyze every packet before granting access. Moreover, ‘computer security incident response teams’ are deployed to perform recovery whenever an incident generates on the network. Physical Infrastructure Policy The physical infrastructure policy will add surveillance security to the current network. There are no definitions available for video surveillance security apart from this one that states it, as “Intelligent Video Solution is a system of hardware and software that aids the security executives in performing their daily tasks. An intelligent video solution can be from a single manufacturer or it can be a compilation of components (both hardware and software) from a variety of manufacturers. The net end result is that it is the sum of all of its parts performing the tasks they were designed to do” (Elliott 2010). For the current network of 1-Click Mobile Phones Ltd, a cost effective network video recording surveillance solution s required. The ‘VS-8024 VioStor NVR (Network Video Recorder)’ will fulfill all the requirements of the network as it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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