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Arendt states that Politically the most important yardstick for judging events in our time is whether they serve totalitaria - Essay Example

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The Totalitarianism in Modern Times Introduction In the past, people have experienced a type of government that centered all its power, authority, policies, rules, and regulations on the mighty and vigor of a dictator. A dictator is a person who solely runs the nation with a single government that rules every land and every freedom of the people as human beings and citizens of the country…
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Arendt states that Politically the most important yardstick for judging events in our time is whether they serve totalitaria
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"Arendt states that Politically the most important yardstick for judging events in our time is whether they serve totalitaria"

Download file to see previous pages However, despite the destruction of totalitarianism government, there are still totalitarian practices that are evident within the modern government of democracy and independence. Accordingly, this paper will recognize and discuss the origins of totalitarianism in order to compare and contrast some apparent manifestations of modern totalitarianism. Moreover, this paper will also identify some key points of evidences that modern totalitarianism is present in the current structure of democracy especially in the United States. The Origins of Totalitarianism The term totalitarianism was coined after the dreadful fight and suffering in the world wars, political revolution, holocaust, and fears. Hannah Arendt was a political philosopher who first handedly understands totalitarianism as a climatic pathology, which represents the practices of dictatorship, racism, colonialism, and also a lone government institution (Inceoglu). Accordingly, totalitarianism is a government that has the essence of evilness which tends to obtain and control exclusive possession of power and potency. Hence, the goals of totalitarian authority are to govern and reign with legal and lawful powers towards civil states and reorganizing the condition of the people (Baehr). Arendt suggested that the origins of the totalitarianism are rooted to the idea of establishing imperialism within the nation in order to serve as a substantial element for the growth and development of the country in terms political, economical, cultural, and racial structure. According to Inceoglu, imperialism was the only political and economical principle that will allow middle class Europeans to preserve their existence out from harm or danger of being in the state of poverty. Relatively, the main tenet of imperialism was to generate novel trades, increasing supply and demand for the progress and expansion of the economic system of the country (Inceoglu). Moreover, Arendt also implicated that totalitarianism was also the result of the total and overly malpractices of racism, in which it leads to mass killings or holocaust killings. For example, during the post-war of World War 1, Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews and Marxists for the lost of Germany in the war because of their lack of nationalist identity with Germany and disloyalty to their motherland, which served as the cause of their lose. Consequently, during the totalitarianism regime of Hitler, he persecuted the Jews, Marxists, and the communists of violated acts that are not being done by them. Hence, the domination of totalitarianism was structured on the idealities of imperialism and racism that have created dreadful sceneries in the past and modern times of humankind (Inceoglu). The Modern Totalitarianism and its Structure In these modern times, totalitarianism has long been existed after the world had experienced its terror and consequential results that brought humanity to a move of revolution and wars. Today, the practices of totalitarianism cannot be directly experienced by people but can be observed through the utilization of modern technologies such as computers and other software systems. Majority of the government in the countries are democratic and republican regimes that held the freedom and the power of the citizens of the country (Los; Mirny). Hence, the people have now experienced the independence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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