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Totalitarianism as Concept and Reality - Essay Example

In defining his concept of the new totalitarian regime, Bracher indicates there are two basic building blocks that lead to its development. These are the need for a strong leader in the interwar years as well as the ability of the new technological age to influence a great number of people to accept a single unified ideology. This ideology was enforced with a strict rule that was voluntary on the surface, yet enforced with a death sentence when not adhered, usually justified by reference to a new world order that brings a better life to the masses or the need of the public for a new religious zeal in the age when religious dogma was losing its ground. Despite its claims for being capable of reaching the highest goals in terms of democracy and the perfect welfare state, the goal of totalitarianism, Bracher claims, was to completely eradicate any sense of the individual in favor of the new state, a goal that was communicated to the people through the use of heavy propaganda and new modes of mass communication that served to deceive many. Through these investigations, Bracher identifies three main characteristics of a totalitarian state. The first characteristic is the attempt made by a single party to retain all control of power and the need of this party to reduce any and all opposition or suggestion of fallibility.

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Totalitarianism - World history
In this context, it is observable that such governments are led by single party systems so as to make it easy to impose policies, some of which may be against popular understanding of democracy. However, it is important to point out that those who may try to oppose these policies in such an environment, despite how genuine they are, are faced with possibilities of being detained or being condemned for treason, a possible recipe for widespread murder, which in most cases is perpetrated by government machineries, selected from security forces.
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Myth as one of the concept of understanding the reality
Myth as one of the concept of understanding the reality Man wanders through all paths, even the most trivial ones just so he understands the ultimate reason for his reality. One such concept is the belief in myths. Even in these modern times, men unconsciously turn their faith to myths and similar sub realities to find answers.
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From Arendt’s ideology, we can conclude that ideologies of Mussolini, Lenin and Goldman were totalitarian as all involve breaking classes in favor of masses and eventually control all aspects of humans’ life.
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Physical Reality
The answer to the above questions is a 'no'. There is no objective reality. Because reality like the term 'physical' also refers to what a person experiences, and since experiences differ from one to another, there is no objective reality. Apart from this, since what I experience is not just through my five senses, but through my brain, my experience, which is my reality often transcends the physical.
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Era of Totalitarianism
These could be seen in the rise to power of the National Socialist Workers' Party (Nazi) in Germany, the Stalinist regime in Russia, years after the Bolshevik revolution under Lenin overthrew the Czarist monarchy, and in many other countries, specially the peasant communist revolution in China under Mao Zedong where up to now, the communist party still reigns as the sole party in power.
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The Three Ideological Elements on Totalitarianism
The historical and the political context of the totalitarian ideology is evaluated against the social question which gravitates towards the concept of freedom and emancipation, in the modern and post modern context. Arendt compares the two revolutions based on historical context and observes the French revolution under Robespierre aimed at securing the social and economic justice, and failed considerably at the political freedom of the citizens.
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Opposing Totalitarianism
in attempts to keep things regulated and under control; the restriction of free discussion and criticism; the use of terror tactics; the use of mass surveillance. The state uses every means possible to keep its citizens under the same control. I am opposed to totalitarianism,
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In line with that fact, this paper seeks to find a practical application for an ancient philosophical approach to life in a manner that is very relevant and rational towards an individual’s
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The illustration of this concept has a clear depiction in the issues of leadership and management. According to Kotter (1998), leadership is about coping with change while management is
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The people have little say concerning their rights and contribute minimally to the formulation of government policies. A controversy has evolved in the recent past, as many scholars present different privileges and weaknesses
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In the article “Totalitarianism as Concept and Reality”, Bracher elaborates on his theme by providing an explanation of his concept of the term as well as a real-world example of how this is happening in the modern day world…
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Totalitarianism as Concept and Reality
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