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Madonna's Voyage to the iWorld - Term Paper Example

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Music and technology have always gone hand-in-hand. As far as 1877, when the voice was first recorded with the inventions of the phonograph and graphophone, the music industry has already been assisted and improved by what innovation has to offer…
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Madonnas Voyage to the iWorld
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Download file to see previous pages Music and technology have always gone hand-in-hand. As far as 1877, when the voice was first recorded with the inventions of the phonograph and graphophone, the music industry has already been assisted and improved by what innovation has to offer. Given that Madonna’s rise to stardom happened in the 80s, this is also where this paper will begin to trace the chronology of the technological development in the music industry and how Madonna figured out in all of them. By the end of the 1970s, music sales drop and various record companies start campaigns within the industry to restrain or even eliminate home taping. However, in 1979, cassette popularity skyrocketed with the launch of the Sony Walkman. This introduction corresponds to the upgrading of the sound quality of the cassette. Instantly, the cassette tape became the sole format that can be used in your home, carried in your pocket and played in your vehicle. The Recording Industry Association of America, which is the lobbying and trade organization of the record industry, constantly fought for taxes placed on blank tapes up until the 1980s. Eventually, legislators gave the music labels a part of the sale of each blank tape. In 1978, Sony and Philips revealed their proposal to collaborate and produce an identical format for the Compact Disc. Record labels then revealed, in 1982, a global standard that guarantees that all kinds of CDs will work on every CD player there is. During the same year, “52nd Street” by Billy Joel was made public in Japan, which is the first ever CD to be launched in the world. Come 1988, the CD exceeded the LP in terms of sales percentage. The 80s was considered the most important period in the history of the recorded audio industry, primarily because of the launch of the Compact Disc. Within three years of the arrival of the compact disc in the industry, one million CD players have already been sold in the electronics market. In comparison, it took more than a decade for the manufacturers of colored television to sell one million TVs. Shortly after the introduction of the CD, the Digital Audio Tape (DAT) was launched. Unfortunately, it was met with abrupt opposition from music publishers and composers since they feared the possibility of the piracy, especially because of the almost perfect duplication capability and excellent sound quality of the DAT. From the kick-off, RIAA contends for a tool to be positioned inside the recorder in order to prevent duplication. Even after this tool, which is known as the "serial copy management system”, was placed on all DAT recorders sent to the United States, composers and music publishers continued claiming for fees on every DAT tape or machine sold as a compensation in case of home taping. This dispute led to the lack of support of the format from the record industry. Seeing that the DAT format is not feasible, record labels decided not to produce or market pre-recorded DATs. Since there is no pre-recorded tape, no one will buy a recorder. Ultimately, since there are no sales for recorders, a market for pre-recorded tape is non-existent. In 1990, the mishmash of the Internet and digital audio started an explosive phenomenon – the creation of the Moving Pictures Experts Group-1 Layer-3 or simply MP3. This is a compressed audio file with a small size but still the same sound quality. This format makes file transfer way easier. Madonna knew well how she can make use of these new technological developments in the music industry to the fullest. The internet also made her popularity easier to enhance and spread out. However, along with advantages are disadvantages brought about by the same technological innovations. A proof of pop superstar Madonna’s awareness of how technology can advance her career is her fight to gain tight and control over a domain name that clearly alludes to her name and makes use of her popularity. The said domain,, is actually a pornographic website that is obviously riding with her name’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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