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The Secret Garden Party - Research Paper Example

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Environmental analysis of the company will be the core theme of this paper while conducting market analysis would help the researcher to find probable challenges that might be faced by the Secret Garden Party in 2014. …
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The Secret Garden Party
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, findings of the study can be used by the company to recruitment of new visitors as well as monetising the involvement of interested consumers that do not physically, attend the festival. Before going to the main discussion, the study will try to understand background of the company.
Background- Secret Garden Party
Secret Garden party is an arts and music festival that is held annually in the last week of July. The program is conducted in Abbots Ripton which is nearby Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Fred Fellowes was the man who had established this alternative music festival program. In its inception or inaugural, the program was attended by a meagre thousand visitors in 2004. By 2013, the program was conducted in four stages and was viewed by almost a massive audience of thirty-two thousands. The organization follows the motto of ‘principle of participation’ in expanding the scope of its programs (Weinstock, 2010). Brand development process Secret Garden party can be explained by using Aaker’s (2011) brand categorization model. Considering the research work of Aaker (2011), it can be said that Secret Garden party categorized its service offering in terms of vividness, subject diversity and wide range of entertainment options. According to Aaker (2011), firms can develop supercategory in the mind of customers by adding niche quotient in the positioning statement. Secret Garden Party also established separate brand positioning by engaging wide range of performances, action camps, variety of performers and art installations etc (Weinstock, 2010).
External Environmental Analysis In this section, the researcher will analyze external environment for Secret Garden party with the help of PESTLE, competitor analysis and porter’s five forces while internal environment can be analyzed with the help of SWOT analysis. PESTLE Political The government of U.K. is supporting music and entertainment industry of the country by providing them tax benefits; legal support etc and these steps have been taken by the government to boost the competences of the American cultural and tourism industry sectors (Arnold, 2008). Therefore, it can be said that music festival organizing companies in UK have the opportunity to expand its business in politically supportive environment. Economical A national music and arts festival conducted is included in the nation’s tourism and cultural industry. It is found that the festival market has expanded in U.K., both in terms of scale and scope of its operations. The extent of competition in the festival market in U.K. has substantially increased. Nurse (2004) also found that UK economy is characterized by strong economic growth and stable per capita income. Rise of participants’ numbers in music festivals of Secret Productions is also supporting the fact that certain segment of customers of UK has the sufficient disposable income to afford fees of music festival organized by entertainment companies. Social The social impact created by an event of entertainment is directly proportional to the scale and the size of the event. Figure 1: Social Impact of Event Management Programs (Source: Nurse, 2004) Consideration of research works reveals the fact that Hutchens ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Secret Garden Party Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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