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Space Tourism Intro - Essay Example

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Abstract In recent years, the academicians and the public have expressed alarms about the degree of safety and risk preparedness regarding space tourism. This paper, entitled Risk Management Analysis: Space Tourism, toils just that. On the issues of track record, safety standards and the quality of spaceflights which consistently ply passengers to and from space, this paper daresays the obvious: Should we compromise the lives of people?…
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Space Tourism Intro
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Download file to see previous pages Over-all Introduction of the Topic This paper entitled Risk Management Analysis: Space Tourism is about the identification of risks involved–and its ways to resolve and reduce them–in getting Space Tourism in full swing. It emphasizes the risk identification; so that the concerned people can consequently apply them to reduce imminent risks in space tourism, to save lives. This paper–albeit its delicate stand towards space tourism–stresses the positive aspect of space tourism as an opportunity to bring Science and luxury travel to new heights. It looks at space tourism not a profiteering racket by industry giants but as an evolving idea of space travel capable of giving a completely safe travel option for the next destination in the outer space. This paper has emphasized the aspects, which are to be scrutinized, in the area of space travel. Generally, these aspects are: history of space travel, suborbital flights, past accidents and, ultimately, the risk identification. The group behind this paper considers the topic as worthy of doing a detailed risk analysis since it is futuristic. And, it is simply bearing in mind the safety of people and of the entire space industry to prevent their loss of lives and their investment, respectively. Lastly, we hope that this paper entitled Risk Management Analysis: Space Tourism can be a good reference–and a scientific journal at that–for concerned people. Unless we can’t stress to NASA–and other space administrations worldwide–not to take for granted the safety issues of human spaceflights, the space industry can’t assure the riding public of a superior and safe travel experience. History of Space Tourism When the Soviet Union successfully launched the Sputnik artificial satellite fifty-four years ago on October 4, 1957 (, the humanity was ushered in a new era of space science which dates back from the past. Later, on April of 1961, the newspaper The Huntsville Times of Alabama reported the feat of a Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in the banner “Man Enters Space” ( Gagarin is said to be successful in his April 12 orbital flight in the Vostok 1 spacecraft. Alan Shepard followed suit when he “became the first American in space less than a month” ( These, and few others, were monumental turning points in history which started to encourage people to raise the bar in luxury travel. Recently, space travel is becoming exclusive to astronauts – or cosmonauts – and multi-millionaires who can shell out millions of US dollars for a ticket, as well. But, the more progressive breakthrough in space tourism is the relatively cheaper means to travel in the space. Private launch services and satellite builders are there to cater to people who wish to visit the International Space Station. ( For those who cannot afford, there is cheaper alternative. There is even an interactive video game for simulated space tourism. For those who wish to have a taste inside the International Space Station, Vision Videogames LLC made an agreement with NASA to create the video game SpaceStationSim ( so that people can encounter lifelike missions inside the space station. But it has to provide actual experiences. To date, federal funds have also supported infrastructure development– ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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