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NTW4: 2 Page paper comparing constrasting two youtube videos - Essay Example

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ASPERGERS Aspergers Syndrome Word Count: 1,000 (4 pages) I. Comparison-Contrast: Two YouTube Videos (500 words) There are several things that can be compared and contrasted in the videos that were shown regarding David and Alex. The similar traits that David and Alex shared—as sufferers of Aspergers Syndrome—include various elements…
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NTW4: 2 Page paper comparing constrasting two youtube videos
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Download file to see previous pages Another example of a similarity they share is that they both exhibit the behaviors of an autistic person while seeming normal. This means that, although they may act, walk, and talk exactly normally like someone who does not have Aspergers, they still have an internal difficulty that makes it difficult for them to express themselves—especially in social situations. The third element of similarity between the young men is that their ability to converse and form meaningful conversations were affected. This was obvious in Alex’s video, as his speech was a bit halting and somewhat unusual—and a bit socially awkward. In the video about David, he was much more eloquent and well-spoken for someone who had Aspergers, but he admitted that he struggled with elements of conversation—and had even started an Aspergers support group in order to help facilitate conversational skills amongst Aspergers sufferers. The differences between David and Alex, however, were vast. While David was a Ph.D. student, Alex was a teenager in high school—thus making their educational and age disparities apparent. Another difference was that Alex seemed to be less mature, and more childlike, than David. Alex himself even mentions that he is not mature and indeed, an exhibitor of childlike behaviors. One noted difference was that Alex seemed to sustain migraine headaches often, sometimes because of various types of music that bother him. Alex readily admitted that not all types of music antagonize his headaches—only certain types of music. He compared the music he likes to a key that can be fit into a lock, where it is the answer to what he needs to hear—whereas music he doesn’t like to hear is a key that will not fit in that lock. Another disparity between David and Alex is that Alex shuns books in favor of more visual means of communication—but more specifically, he favors TV (television) over books. He says that is just because words seem to him like a puzzle on the table—and he forgets about what came before in the puzzle. He says that he can read, but he won’t necessarily understand what the words on the page are necessarily saying—akin to being able to read, effectively, but without any sort of comprehension whatsoever about what words mean. Obviously, there are some similiarities between David’s experiences and Alex’s experiences with Aspergers—as well as marked differences. Their problems can be recognized and addressed in-class. II. Good Classroom Strategies for Students with Aspergers Syndrome (500 words) There are four great strategies that classroom teachers can use in order to help students with Aspergers Syndrome achieve success. These include: scaffolding; use of visuals; encouraging friendships; and planning for emotional outbursts. Scaffolding is a way in which a teacher specifically structures an environment in a manner that may seem a bit rigid—but in which a routine is in place so that an Aspergers student will be set up for successful learning experiences. According to My Aspergers Child (2011), a good routine for such a student includes knowledge of “…the physical structure of the classroom, a visual schedule of the day's activities, an explanation of the type and length of the work expected, and instructions presented visually in addition to verbally. These strategies are considered by the researchers to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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