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The Connection Between Urbanisation And Pollution - Essay Example

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Humans have changed widely the earth. There is a wide range of changes and these are tantamount to how everything develops from the point of view of environmental factors…
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The Connection Between Urbanisation And Pollution
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"The Connection Between Urbanisation And Pollution"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, humans have become too dependent on technology as life uncovers day by day. Due to high capacity of human to think and because of their growing needs as population also increases, major places on earth have become so congested and it further resulted to unnecessary processes with major impacts for the society in general. In this paper, the proponent tries to examine the link between urbanisation and pollution. In doing so, the proponent tries to define first the basic concepts of urbanisation and pollution. What is urbanisation? The presented classic definition of urbanisation is a process by which people and their increasing population densely occupy urban areas or towns (Ohngren, 1981). Urbnisation therefore is a process that tries to consider the need of the society for development based on the human standard and needs. Witherick (1999) emphasises that urbanisation is a process but it constitutes some important changes particularly in line with the economy, population distribution, change of the way of life, settlement’s sizes and character change. This only emphasises the fact that there are major changes and shift from an ordinary way of living to another level. This is what concerns the population in general because behind all these changes are impacts that require substantial considerations. What is pollution? The vast changes on earth which some of them resulted to pollution are eventually products of human activities (Hill, 2010). Hill focused on environmental pollutions as eventual results of human activities on earth. Pollution comes in wide range and faces. However, when one hears about pollution what comes to mind first are results of human activities since nature by itself is capable of maintaining the needed balance. However, all those activities done by humans are responsible for the destruction of such balance in nature and which eventually result at some point to environmental pollution. This is what Hill would like to emphasize that humans are capable of destroying the balance of nature in order to obtain the needs and wants of the society as in line with the contexts of political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental considerations. Pollution is everywhere around the globe and it can be in different forms. It can be classified as air, water or land pollution. These pollutions are of varying degrees and most of them are results of industrial revolution from the past and at recent sophistication of our time. The use of technology finds ways for its further development and such also results to creation of things that pave way to environmental pollution. The global warming is said to be an impact of industrial revolution since such is said to be due to the polluted atmosphere with green house gases emitted by technologically advanced society. Pollution such as emission of green house gases is said to be on its fast pace especially in highly industrialised or developed countries. The United States for instance is said to be among of the major countries with high contribution of emitted green house gases such as carbon dioxide due to the nature of its industry. This therefore has an important implication that cities are among of the top contributors of pollution on earth. Thus, this leads to further understanding of the existing relationship between the incident of pollution and urbanisation. These two are processes but at some point, the former is said to be the result of the latter. Pollution as an impact of urbanisation Political, social and economic aspects of a nation are interrelated to its physical environment because of the presence of potential human actions in every day (Middleton, 2008). One of the most important connections ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pollution Pollution is caused when air, water or soil gets contaminated by discharge of harmful substances. Pollution causes imbalance in the ecosystem by causing harm and discomfort to living organisms. Pollution can be prevented if resources like raw materials, water and energy are utilized in proper way and harmful materials are substituted by materials which are less hazardous (“What is Pollution Prevention”, n.d.).
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