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Leisure In Mind - Essay Example

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This essay picks out two leisure episodes from the author’s life called Watching a Live Stand-Up Show in a Comedy Bar and “Facebooking”. The researcher shall lead the reader through the details of his leisure experience and explain some theoretical background that may explain it…
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Leisure In Mind
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Extract of sample "Leisure In Mind"

Download file to see previous pages The research illustrates that being adaptable, ability to work toward goals and a sense of coherence add to personality traits that lead to one’s happiness. Eckersley also believes that a sense of belonging is fundamental to human motivation and accepts that one’s sense of meaning and purpose is paramount to his experience of true happiness. The growing attention to the study of more positive things is a welcome shift in psychological research. It has been said that happiness is a decision one makes for himself. If that statement is true, then it is an indication that happiness can be learned, and so, is accessible to anyone seeking it. Wallis highlights the belief that people can change their levels of happiness by working on three components namely getting more pleasure out of life; becoming more engaged in what one does and finding ways of making life more meaningful. This leads us to the definition of leisure, which is something most people leave out of their lives and then wonder why they dwell on misery. Neulinger posits that leisure is “a state in which the person feels that what he or she is doing is done by choice and because one wants to do it”. A person engages in it with his own volition and is not pushed by an external force to do so. Further, Neulinger states that “leisure is not just a component of the quality of life, but the very essence of it. It is not a neutral state of mind, but a positive, highly desirable one, and an important value. Leisure in the researcher's opinion is the guideline needed for any decision relating to the quality of life”. The study of leisure has brought it up to a higher level naming it “Serious Leisure”. Stebbins defines it as thus: “the systematic pursuit of an amateur, hobbyist, or volunteer activity that people find so substantial, interesting, and fulfilling that, in the typical case, they launch themselves on a (leisure) career centered on acquiring and expressing a combination of its special skills, knowledge, and experience”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Leisure In Mind Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Leisure In Mind Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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