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Victor Faces His Creation - Essay Example

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The paper, Victor Faces His Creation, asks what happens when an arrow is released from the bow, with full force and skill by an archer, and he suddenly realizes that it is traveling at a great speed towards an unintended target and it will cause immense damage? …
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Victor Faces His Creation
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Extract of sample "Victor Faces His Creation"

Download file to see previous pages The reporter declares that " I afterward learned that knowing my father’s advanced age, and unfitness for so long a journey, and how wretched my sickness would make Elizabeth, he spared them this grief by concealing the extent of my disorder.”
What happens when an arrow is released from the bow, with full force and skill by an archer, and he suddenly realizes that it is traveling at a great speed towards an unintended target and it will cause immense damage? The archer has no other option but to watch the results of his skill, and desperately lament over the outcome. Similar is the position of Victor Frankenstein. He has created a creature, which he should not have created at all and now is aghast at the unpredictable and impending consequences. It is a dreaded situation when the scientist is afraid of his own creation! He sees his creation before him and the responsibility for its horrors lies in his hands. His inner world lay in shambles. Any individual will turn utterly cynical, confronting such grim consequences, having created something destructive and horrific.
From the first chapter, Mary Shelley characterized Victor as someone whose attitude towards the pursuit of knowledge is inexorable; he is blinded by his obsession to succeed and his fear of failure to some extent. Moreover, Victor is also driven by his inclination to create life and his desires to exceed the boundaries established by man and, surpass the expectations of his professors and peers. Although once engaged in his pursuits, Victor was entranced; he had a long ethical hesitation, on how morally correct of him to create his greatest work.
The passage above comes from Chapter 5 of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In this chapter, there is a mood of melancholy and fear.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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