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The Art of Storytelling by Shahrazad - Essay Example

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The paper “The Art of Storytelling by Shahrazad” names the secrets of skillful narration: the narrator's rich personal experience, the skill to interpret various contexts, mythological thinking, layering techniques, a dramatic irony which make a reader to learn the characters’ motives better etc…
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The Art of Storytelling by Shahrazad
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Download file to see previous pages Chaucer recognized the influence of the storytelling techniques utilized in The Thousand and One Nights, and employed the art of ‘story within the story,’ in an outstanding manner.
In both of these texts, the raconteurs utilize narration of mesmerizing fables to amaze the audience with their appreciable ability to create unbelievably entertaining tales, manipulate the listeners to act in a certain beneficial manner, or to inspire addressees by creating awareness of new facets of human personality, and life in general. The stories, because of their amazing ability to resonate with mass audiences, and miraculous capacity to stay relevant eternally, has always and will continue to influence and educate mankind, and will facilitate both narrator and listener towards self-enlightenment, and realizing the greater inner wisdom.
In an episode of The Merchant and the Genie, a demon agrees to momentarily spare the life of three travelers, provided that they narrate an interesting story. This behavioral pattern of abject inability to resist listening to a fascinating fable is observed throughout the other stories of both texts (Pinault, 9). Since the origination of the first human, till today, man has always relied on stories to capture attention and to convey messages. From the ancient ‘stories of creation’ of the indigenous people to the latest Harry Potter series, the tales have succeeded in shaping human’s thought process. The prophets have relied on stories to shepherd their flock to the righteousness, whereas, the Greeks have utilized stories to show their reverence for their Gods. No matter, what is the language of the story, or the ethnicity of the characters, an engaging tale transcends all societal and traditional boundaries and touches the hearts of the audiences throughout the world. The Nights, being a Middle Eastern collection, and causing a widespread impact on western literary culture, will be an appropriate example of this phenomenon. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Literary Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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