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Spread of English - A Triumph for America and A Threat to the Rest - Coursework Example

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The study "Spread of English: A Triumph for America, A Threat to the Rest" discusses the becoming of English as a language of globalization in business, politics, education, publishing, and other fields of human activity of America, which required a common medium of communication. …
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Spread of English - A Triumph for America and A Threat to the Rest
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Extract of sample "Spread of English - A Triumph for America and A Threat to the Rest"

Download file to see previous pages For this reason, the explosion of English as a lingua franca of globalization is considered a triumph for America. It amounts to a global conquest for American culture and way of life, considering that language serves not only as a medium of communication but also a repository of national identity, culture, and even body politic. In that sense, the American English that is sweeping the planet in lockstep with globalization also poses a threat to the competitiveness and cultures of the UK, not to mention France, Germany, Spain, and other European Union member countries. It will destroy or at least marginalize much of local cultures (The Economist, 2001).
That this inexorable spread of English in its present form is a triumph benefiting no one else but the US is demonstrated by the increasing interest around the world in things American. Everyone has heard of the worldwide phenomenon called “McDonaldization,” in which consumers swear by the same tastes for food and service. McDonald’s is of course synonymous with America and as McDonald’s stores saturate the planet and find enthusiastic acceptance everywhere, it promotes American values and culture and fortifies its position as a world power.
This global homogenization of consumer culture is only one indication of the growing predominance of America put on track by the spread of its brand of English. In 2004, a study called Research International Observer (RIO) was mounted to determine the extent by which US-made consumer goods have homogenized consumer tastes and needs around the world. The survey was held at a time when anti-American sentiment was especially strong because of perceived US intervention in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations. It was found that consumer goods that mirror American cultural values are in fact held in high esteem around the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Spread of English - A Triumph for America and A Threat to the Rest Coursework, n.d.)
Spread of English - A Triumph for America and A Threat to the Rest Coursework.
(Spread of English - A Triumph for America and A Threat to the Rest Coursework)
Spread of English - A Triumph for America and A Threat to the Rest Coursework.
“Spread of English - A Triumph for America and A Threat to the Rest Coursework”.
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