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Hsc module c - Essay Example

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In essence, politics for part of living for citizens of any country. Several studies have revealed that politics dictates the economic progress of a country. In this regard, political upheavals…
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Hsc module c
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Download file to see previous pages It is imperative to recognize that different countries have varied political structures. Therefore, people are represented differently in different countries. In essence, it is essential to study the politics of different nations to identify the dynamisms in politics.
The society is usually stratified into political, socio-cultural and economic aspects. The socio-cultural aspect entails the people’s way of life and the organization of social institutions. The economic aspect is concerned about the people’s source of livelihood. The primary focus in the economic division is how people earn a living. Finally, the political organ deals with leadership and administration of services in the country. In essence, the political organ affects the operation of the other divisions and, therefore, emerges as a sensitive aspect (Reynolds, 2000).
Apparently, all people cannot be involved directly in leadership and, therefore, representatives have to be chosen from the general population. Essentially, there exist numerous ways that can be used to choose political leaders from the general population. For instance, the leaders are chosen through elections or appointments. The Australian government operates a democratic government where all eligible candidates are offered a level ground to participate in the country’s leadership. In most case, people representation in politics is facilitated by the general elections. In this case, the citizens are allowed to participate in the general elections and elect leaders of their choice. The elected leaders become representatives of the common citizens in the political arena. All the political decisions made by the elected and appointed members reflects on the ideas of the general population of the country. Therefore, the elected leaders act as the custodians of the interests of the local people and thereby their actions significantly influence the operations of ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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