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Experiences of a Slave - Essay Example

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The experiences of Fredrick Douglass demonstrate how pervasive the society is. Although the story was written at a time when the American society was divided right between the native privileged slave owners and slaves, it clearly shows the rot in the Christian world. …
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Experiences of a Slave
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Extract of sample "Experiences of a Slave"

Experiences of a Slave The experiences of Fredrick Douglass demonstrate how pervasive the society is. Although the story was written at a time when the American society was divided right between the native privileged slave owners and slaves, it clearly shows the rot in the Christian world. It is quite unbelievable that all the atrocities were committed in a Christian-dominated society. It is quite unfortunate that the native slave owners never bothered to know what they ought to have done as Christians.
It was a violation of Christian doctrines which advocate for the equality of ever human creature irrespective of their racial, cultural, ethnic economic background. People like Mr. Auld were oppressing fellow human beings simply because they lacked Christian ethics. If they did, no one would have bothered to own any other human being in the mane of a slave. At the same time, they would not have subjected their slaves into lots of oppressions such as starvation, beating, neglect and denial of fundamental rights such as access to education services. The other cause of such oppressive acts is hypocrisy and lack of humanity. Only if they were humane, they would not have even thought of owning fellow human beings and eventually stripping them off their basic rights. A committed Christian should live according to word of God. Meaning, he should only do what is right before God.
In conclusion, Douglass’ experiences clearly show the rot in the society. Even if people are to foster a spirit of love and neighborhood, it was lacking in this society. Instead, everyone did not care about one another, but kept on advancing their interests at the expense of the underprivileged. This explains why the slave owners went even as far as murdering their slaves simply because they had been silenced. They did not care living as committed Christians. Read More
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