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They were brought to work and provide labor in the plantations, thus, improve production of lucrative crops such as tobacco and cotton. In so doing, they helped in…
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Prompt(you can make a new topic for this essay from your own idea)
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"Prompt(you can make a new topic for this from your own idea)"

Download file to see previous pages To understand the slavery system in America, therefore, one need to review, compare and contrast these various sources and testimonies written about slavery. They emphasize on different issues like gender violence, sexual abuse and brutal beatings among other factors. Even though different testimonies have differences in their explanation about the slavery system in America making some look like fiction, there is always some truth in them.
Having two or more perspectives about a historical event is important in understanding an incidence. It helps in distinguishing reality from fiction since they provide more information that can’t be obtained by relying only on one source.
Reviewing two or more perspectives, therefore, help the researcher or writer to understand the story better and acquire more information about the event that. For instance, having two perspectives on slavery, one from a slave and the other from a slave owner gives more details some of which cannot be obtained by viewing only one story. Therefore, interrogation of various sources is important in enhancing understanding of the real meaning of what might be true or false about the incidences.
In reviewing Harriet Ann Jacob’s testimony from "Incidences in the Life of a Slave Girl", she narrates about her experience as a slave girl caught in a mix between her master and mistress. Most of her challenges were not physical but rather mental and psychological. Her master considers her as his property and demands to use her for sexual satisfaction while the mistress uses her as a tool of jealousy to prevent her husband from infidelity (Jacobs & Lydia, 51). Despite being shielded from physical punishment by her master, he exposes her to mental and psychological suffering. She also talked about the pain suffered by other female slaves who suffered loss of children sold to other places, the point on gender violence. (Jacobs & ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Prompt(you Can Make a New Topic for This Essay from Your Own Idea).
“Prompt(you Can Make a New Topic for This Essay from Your Own Idea)”, n.d.
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