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Songs of Experience by William Blake - Essay Example

“Songs of Experience” by William Blake

This theme resonates through and through throughout the poems. From this theme, it is clear that the author of the poems is lambasting the illicit relationships that exist between the characters mentioned. The term forbidden denotes an issue that is morally unacceptable and a taboo to many cultures, therefore, forbidden love illustrates a situation whereby the characters are breaking some cultural taboos. This essay discusses the theme of forbidden love in detail by referring to the poems of William Blake’s “Songs of Experience”. The Songs of Experience are works that lament the manner in which adult experiences destroy the good that exists in innocence. It discusses the negative forces that exist in the world, and what happens when innocence fails to surmount these forces. According to the author, sexual immorality corrupts innocent love. The sexual immorality results due to the effects of jealousy, secrecy and shame. One poem, The Sick rose is an eight stanza poem whereby the persona is addressing a rose. The persona informs the rose that it is sick. The speaker mentions that an “invisible worm’ has found a way into its bed in the cover of the night. Due to this, the life of this rose is being destroyed. Of all the poems, this poem has noteworthy symbolism outlined. The Sick Rose by William Blake and Kitty Tsui’s, A Chinese Banquet are poems that discuss the theme of forbidden love, albeit in different settings and degrees. ...
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This essay discusses the diverse symbolism, thematic concerns and the setting in “The Lamb” that are recognized as recurring stylistic and linguistic techniques incorporated by the poet in his collection “The Songs of Innocence” which makes it a delightful experience to explore all the tools assimilated by the poet in order to make his poems unique and picturesque.
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This essay concerns two poems from the collection of William Blake, ‘The Lamb’ and ‘The Tyger’. In1757 in London, the author (William Blake) of Songs of Innocence and Experience was born. William’s father was a hosier and when William was ten years, he was taken to a drawing school soon after his father recognized that he had artistic talents.
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Blakes Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience with Walt Whitmans Leaves of Grass
Walt Whitman, the father of American poetry and William Blake, the precursor of the Romantics, the mystic revolutionary poet are not contemporary if the dates and history of English literature are abided. However, no one can ignore or undermine the fact that human imagination and ideas are timeless.
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Songs of Innocence and Experience
The inherent contrariness of the subjects talked about in these two poems tends to unravel an attempt on the part of the poet to usher in a sense of coexistence that so much deludes the opposite states of the divine and the base in the human psyche (Pierce 9).
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William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience
His training as an engraver also directed him to become captivated with parallel or contradictory metaphors, and the variation which he thought were present in the human soul. His Songs of Innocence were available alone in 1789. After completing the songs of innocence, he shifted from the countryside to London.
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Songs of Innocence and Experience
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It is followed by a series of similar questions that ask the lamb who gave him life, fed and clothed him, presented him with a beautiful voice. These rhetorical inquiries make up the first part of the poem. They represent a lamb as a lovely and innocent
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Compare one of William Blakes political poems in the Songs of Innocence and Experience and compare it to a text by Mary Wollstonecraft in a vindication of the rights of women. Is one more politically relevant than the other Why
gs of Innocence and Experience to Mary Wollstonecraft’s A vindication of the rights of women particularly when he spoke of innocence and experience in the metaphors of the Lamb and Tiger made Blake politically irrelevant despite of his stature as a great thinker of the
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Poetry: Mary Oliver, Wild Geese (996-997) William Blake, The Tyger (796) Wilfred Owen, Anthem for Doomed Youth (754)
At 14, Oliver started writing poems. At the age of 28, Oliver triggered her career as a poet when she published her first collection of poems called No Voyage and Other Poems (Oliver, 21). With respect to poetic identity, Oliver draws influence from the natural world.
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rose is unaware of the sickness. The point here is that love never recognizes about its situation or condition. The persona mentions that …”has found out thy bed..Of crimson joy”. The crimson joy being mentioned here is a connotation of illicit sexual pleasures and shameful sexual liaisons. In a nutshell, the love being outlined is unhealthy and perverted. This perfectly explains the theme of forbidden love in the sense that, even if two people are happy to share love, as long as it is a forbidden union, it will be deemed unhealthy and rotten. The worm that finds its way at night to the rose’s bed connotes a union that is unacceptable by society, hence the lovers go to the limit to ensure that they consummate the union. Despite doing this, the union will still remain unhealthy and forbidden. Forbidden love is morally unacceptable and is a sickening event according to Blake. The poem The Sick Rose mirrors the work of Kitty Tsui, A Chinese Banquet. Tsui also discusses forbidden love, albeit by dealing with issues in a direct manner without the use of symbolism like in The Sick Rose. Tsui’s poem analyzes the issue of acceptance with people with homophobia in Chinese households. The poem also analyzes the boundaries and challenges that gays and lesbians face in these Chinese societies. The author accepts the fact that lesbians and gays are becoming more popular in China, but the challenge is that these group of people are being discriminated by society because their actions are deemed as taboos by traditional Chinese families. The attitude of most households to gays and lesbians is that of shame and dissent. Even parents of children who belong to


“Songs of Experience” by William Blake are a set of short poems which have short lines and short verses, with the themes of tyranny, deceit, brutality, lack of freedom and openness in love, enslavement and forbidden love dominating…
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Songs of Experience by William Blake
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