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Performance Review Memo - Essay Example

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It details the role and contribution of each of the group’s members and how the synergy in the group improved the quality of the work. The…
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Performance Review Memo
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Extract of sample "Performance Review Memo"

Performance Review Memo This memo is self-review of the performance of our group’s members, both in the of the classes and in the group work assignment. It details the role and contribution of each of the group’s members and how the synergy in the group improved the quality of the work. The effectiveness of the approach used in achieving each of the course goals and in meeting the assignment deadline.
In the course of the class, all the goals set have been met through various methods including group work assignments. Through the assignments, I have become conversant with the selection of the most appropriate formatting styles depending on the document. The different writing styles are now deeply entrenched in my writing and can be selected interchangeably depending on various course requirements. For example, most of the assignments given required that we use either APA or MLA referencing styles.
Moreover, the course has helped in the acquisition and improvement of such skills as teamwork that would have otherwise not been learned. The group work helped in learning how to collaborate with other members in achieving a certain goal. The nature of the work, for instance, allowed us to divide the various aspects amongst ourselves and later compiled the work together. Group members were given the liberty to choose the areas that they felt adeptly knowledgeable therefore making the quality of the work better. In addition, and most importantly, the course has improved the ability to develop good research questions and strategies for meeting the research objectives. This ability was enhanced by the step-by-step approach employed by the lecturer.
To help in the effective functioning of the group, we broke down the assignment into four parts one for each of us. Delegation of duties is one role that we highly appreciated in a bid to hasten the process of research. All the group members were helpful in achieving the set objectives. Most importantly, each of us selected the areas of the assignment that we were most conversant with. I contributed highly in the area of consumer education as a response to reducing theft of beauty products at the fresh market.
Ali’s contribution in the group was most visible in the aspect of employee education as an effective tool of reducing theft of beauty products at the Fresh Market. This is an area that he is well versed in and most of his points came from real experience coupled with supporting literature review.
Sara’s contribution was as important as everyone else’s and she did her job satisfactorily. The fact that Sara has in the past been involved in the supply of surveillance equipment made her the ideal person to research on surveillance as a response to theft of beauty products. In fact, most of her points were free-flowing giving the group the much needed quality in compiling the work.
Tomas is the invisible force behind the group’s success owing to the fact that most of his contribution cannot be directly pinpointed in the write up. However, his contribution was vast and numerous including the role of organizing for the meetings and seeing to it that the write up was typed and printed. In addition to his benevolence, Tomas was also the lead researcher in ‘store layout’ solution to the problem of beauty products theft.
The impact of this course cannot be underestimated as is evident in the improved quality of the students’ assignments. This impact would have been less had the course been taught in a lesser interactive approach. This memo is a clear indication that the course lived up to its expectations because all goals were met in good time. Read More
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