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McDonalds Trouble-shooting Report - Book Report/Review Example

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Date Assignment 3 Trouble-shooting Report 1. What one did and what were the observations. One observed a nearby McDonald’s fast food restaurant to accomplish the defined objectives of the task, to wit: (a) to provide a comprehensive description of the premises, both inside and out; (b) to determine how long it usually takes to receive one’s meal from the time it was ordered; and (c) to provide a thorough description of the service and the food…
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McDonalds Trouble-shooting Report
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Download file to see previous pages The playroom section, consistently filled with children, is likewise clean as the children’s shoes were kept out from the section and separate shoe rack was allotted for containing the children’s footwear while playing. However, one observed that while the tables and chairs were regularly cleaned, especially after every time those customers leave their dining area, the playroom section was not frequently cleaned as often due to the presence of playing children. Also, since the customers expect cleaning of the dining area (tables, chairs and floors) to be immediately done after customers dined, one could not help to determine and observe the way that cleaning accessories were likewise regularly rinsed, washed or replaced, as needed. Also, it was awkward for personnel assigned to do the mopping of the floor to confine their mopping to the dining area that was just vacated, since tables and chairs are apparently close to each other. Sometimes, one feels that their regular cleaning could disadvantage nearby customers who are having their meals. Also, the restroom needs to be cleaned more in terms of ensuring that it is immaculately in pristine condition. Due to the enormity of the clients going in and out, the cleaning staff could not respond to cleaning the restroom more frequently, as needed. b. Length of Time to Receive Ordered Meals The length of time I received my order from the time it was taken, up to the time it was served was approximately five minutes. However, there were times when the front clerk would indicate that for a particular meal, for example, Fillet O Fish meal, they would not approximately 10 minutes to prepare and the front clerk would ask if the customer would be willing to wait. As I sat on my table observing, I heard one customer who asked for a Fillet O Fish meal and was told that the meal would be prepared in 10 minutes and if the customer is willing to wait. When there was a positive reply, I timed the incident and found out that they were consistent with their word and that the order arrived within the 10 minute period. However, some customers, who were seated when I arrived, seemed to be anxious that the ordered meal has not arrived. She ordered a Big Mac Meal. Apparently, I overheard that the order was five minutes late. c. Description of the Service and the Food One actually observed that McDonald’s food and service seemed to be declining in quality over the years. There were instances when, during observation, customers indicate that they ordered a Sprite and a Coke was given, instead. Or one customer ordered Hot Chocolate and was given Brewed Coffee. These could be honest human error but still, it reflects that the quality of customer service is not focused and thereby results to customer dissatisfaction. 2. Violations of Policy Under violations of policy, one observed that the servers were not consistent in wearing protective hair nets to ensure that strands of hair would not fall off. Further, due to regular changes in temporary staff manning different responsibilities, one observed that some personnel have not been duly trained and prepared to do their jobs. Newly recruited and placed front clerks make frequent mistakes in punching the right order in their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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McDonalds Trouble-Shooting Report Book /Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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